Hire a Motorhome and Rediscover the Joys of UK Travel

UK Travel – Why You Should Explore Closer To Home

Let this be the summer you rekindle your passion for UK Travel. The long term forecasts are predicting that Summer 2019 could well be the hottest on record, so there’s never been a better time to arrange motorhome hire and spend a glorious Summer rediscovering what tourists from all around the world already know – that this island we call home is a fabulous place to visit, to explore and to enjoy.


Things to love about UK Travel

For those of us who’ve spent our lives here, the UK might seem fairly ordinary, but for many others around the world,  Great Britain is a ‘bucket list’ worthy destination and they view UK Travel as their ultimate dream holiday. Perhaps these visitors from overseas, who we welcome to our shores can teach us a thing or two about why our green and pleasant land is such a wonderful place to explore.

Everything’s so close together

For those of us who live in the UK, the idea that Manchester is close to London seems fanciful, but it’s all a matter of perspective. For Australians experiencing UK travel, this is barely a hop skip and a jump apart. After all, the closest two cities in Australia you can drive between involves a trip of over 370 miles,  which is over 10 times the distance between, for Instance, Manchester and Liverpool!

Added to this, despite the short distances between places, those places, wherever they might be are often distinct in character and in customs. Have you ever thought how amazing it is that you can often identify precisely where someone is from in the UK just by listening to their accent and dialect? You’ll often hear Americans enjoying UK travel claim that their accent is in fact closer to the English accent of old, but in a land where we have hundreds of accents, this makes very little sense!

If we see the UK how visitors from around the world see it, we can truly appreciate how close together and how easily reached pretty much anywhere in the UK is and despite the rush hour traffic and seemingly constant road works, our road system is pretty comprehensive and comparatively well organised.

This Green and Pleasant Land

We’re well accustomed to trees, to grassy meadows and to the quintessential English countryside. For us, it might be pleasant for us to drive through, but after a lifetime spent travelling through and around it, it’s easy to forget just how wonderful and precious our countryside truly is. How cool, green and leafy our forests and woodlands are and how many other places around the world are without the majesty of anything resembling our rolling hills and emerald meadows.

It’s not just the land in the UK that’s pleasant, the people are too. Believe it or not, we have a reputation around the world for being (mostly) polite, friendly and welcoming.

History and Culture Around Every Corner

One of the reasons foreign visitors love UK travel so much is the sheer abundance of history, culture and heritage you can see just about everywhere you look. The numbers don’t lie, we have 30 UNESCO world heritage sites, countless castles, landmarks and stately homes, traditions, customs and an eclectic mix of folklore that dates back hundreds or even over a thousand years. Many other countries around the world haven’t existed for that long! Our rich history can be found at any UK travel destination you care to name.

From a cultural perspective, the UK’s cultural contribution to the world is no less impressive. From music, science, engineering, sport, fashion and beyond, out little Island makes a big impact on the world stage and its no wonder we attract so many people here to see the UK first hand.


UK Travel – Explore More in a Motorhome

You could spend a week, a fortnight or even a month experiencing UK travel in a motorhome (and we highly recommend that you do) and still not scratch the surface of everything these sceptered isles have to show you. From the golden beaches of Cornwall, the raw untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands or the gloriously pretty scenery of Cumbria and everywhere in between, the diversity of your UK travel options are such that you could spend a lifetime exploring and never see it all.

With an especially warm, sunny summer ahead of you, we highly recommend you beat the rush, contact us to book your Priory motorhome and spend your holidays experiencing the joys of UK travel.