Family holidays. Romantic getaways. Luxury spa breaks. We have all seen these adverts and you could then be forgiven for feeling that travelling is for two or more people only. Here at Priory Rentals, we highlight some of the reasons why travelling solo could just be for you and will help you have a great solo adventure out on the open road as a free spirit.

Why travel solo in a motorhome or campervan?

Renting a motorhome or camper van is incredibly liberating. You will have the ability to do exactly as you please and when you please. If you happen to come across a quiet beachside spot then there are no reasons for not staying on as long as you want to. Furthermore, it is your trip, your way! There will be no compromising or arguments with the family or companions on the next stop, you just take your home on wheels where ever you feel the wind takes you. During your unaccompanied journey you are bound to meet other people along the way too so there are opportunities to make new friends on your terms. Travelling alone makes you more approachable than a couple or a family so you will likely meet local people and other like-minded travellers along the way. But if you want your own space, simply shut and lock up the van door. When travelling alone within our own space, you will naturally have the time to reflect and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It gives you a rare chance to take stock, think about your future, boost your confidence and embark on a self-discovery trip.

lone traveller in the back of a camper van looking at mountains

Planning your solo expedition

Planning a trip on your own is no easy feat. Here are some pointers:

Be sure to rent the right motorhome

Ensure you pick the right motorhome for you as you are going to spend a lot of time in it – so it has to suit your needs. You will need to consider conveniences such as a shower or a motorhome without. There are as ever, advantages and disadvantages to both options. However when travelling solo, a self-contained vehicle, one with both a toilet and shower is a great option as you need not worry about finding facilities on your own. On the flip side though, motorhomes without a shower are smaller and easier to drive around. Lastly, do ensure you know at least the basic maintenance routines and have some basic tools to hand. We at Priory Rentals will run you through some of the basic maintenance for your motorhome rental during your self-guided travel.


It can be more expensive travelling solo as there is no-one else to split the bill with. That said, there are a number of things you can do to bring the costs of your solitary exploration down. These include travelling outside the school holiday seasons as many campsites will have off-peak rates. Additionally, you may come across activities on your lone wanderlust which are free, letting you explore at no extra cost as well providing further opportunities to meet other travellers.


It is absolutely vital to take out the necessary insurance for for solo travelling. Personal travel insurance, breakdown cover and motorhome insurance. We will advise you of the appropriate vehicle insurance when you rent a motorhome with us. If you are unsure, do give us a call and we will advise you as best we can and help you get you on your way. Unexpected situations can leave you feeling alone and uneasy, but help is only a phone call away with the right insurance in place.

lone explorer with printed map


Another absolute priority for solo travellers and especially for female solo travellers is personal safety. Here are some tips to consider.
Let your family and friends know where you are going, about your plans and check-in with them on a regular basis. Do not push yourself to travel long distances every day either as you will not have someone alongside you to take over the driving. So, plan regular breaks into your journey. Moreover, do only use recognised campsites and do book them in advance. Always keep you phone topped up with power and credit. Many of our motorhomes rentals will have USB ports in the dashboard so bring along your phone charger. Since we mention your mobile phone, do be aware of reception blackspots making GPS navigation tricky. Do take a printed map of the areas you intend to explore. Make a note of the nearest hospitals and police stations too and don’t take anything too valuable along with you.

Bringing your dog

This is another worthwhile option, again especially for women alone on the road is to bring your pet along for the trip. Bringing you dog will ensure your trip is not so lonely and fun. Your dog will also ensure you keep active and exploring your surrounding on a daily basis. Naturally, your dog gives you an extra sense of protection too as potential threats may take a rain check when they see your dog. Furthermore, we offer pet-friendly motorhomes to ensure your flurry friend will be comfortable through your self-reliant exploration. Do check our posts on keeping your pooch safe during your travels and the joys of bringing your four-legged friend along with you.

Have an emergency kit

Do pack essentials such as a First Aid Kit (our motorhomes have one as standard), basic tools, a torch, electrical spares, water and snacks (in case of breakdown), portable power unit and download maps to your phone and the What3Words app so you can inform the emergency services for your exact location. We will run through what our motorhomes and campervans include when you rent your home on wheels with us or contact us for more information.

Destination recommendations for lone travellers

  • Enyri (Snowdonia) National Park boasts a huge range of gorgeous natural features that a solo person can explore. Additionally, there are a number of walking trails up Snowdonia itself.
  • The Lake District boasts some of the UK’s best natural beauty making it one of the most perfect places for solo travellers. Routes around Derwentwater, Windermere and the village of Ambleside all offer stunning views for walkers.
  • The Peak District has some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and is a good destination for people seeking solitude and peace. That said, the Peak District does have busier places making the area a finely balanced holiday destination.
  • Scotland is one of the best places to explore solo. From the Scottish vibrant cities, to the tranquil Lochs and incredible castles, there is no shortage of things to do, see and appreciate.
  • Oxfordshire is a diverse area with an ideal blend of countryside and exciting destinations. Blenheim Palace and Oxford University offer an abundance of walking opportunities.
  • London offers something for everyone including those travelling solo. Exploring Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London should be at the top of anyone’s list.
  • The Cotswolds is considered one of the prettiest areas in the UK. The area offers some peace and quiet for lone travellers as well offering plenty of walking routes including the Cotswold Way.
  • Suffolk is a great destination with plenty to see at your own pace. Coupled with it’s unspoilt coastline and blue flag beaches, Suffolk offers good opportunities to get out and explore.
  • New Forest has some of the most lovely woodland and wildlife. Walking is the best way to explore and the Forestry Commission offer guided walks through the woodlands.