How to Check Your Motorhome Before Your First Spring Adventures

Check Your Motorhome Before Your First Adventure of The Year

At Priory Rentals we take great care of our entire fleet of motorhomes for hire, but if you’re a proud owner, having recently bought of one of our ex-rental motorhomes, you might have just spend your first winter with your new pride and joy and be lookig for tips on how to go about the post-winter checks so that you’re ready to it the road for new adventures this Spring.

What to check before your first Motorhome Adventure

Bringing your motorhome out of hibernation isn’t a complicated affair and for the most part it involves some simple common sense checks to make sure there’s nothing untoward which would interrupt your enjoyment when you’re out on the road. Even so, it’s handy to have a list to go through to help you check your motorhome thoroughly.

  •  Give it a clean – If your motorome has sat on a drive or in storage, even if it’s been under a car port, getting it ready for the new season starts with a good wash tio make sure it starts 2019 sparkling.
  • Book a service – After a period of inaction, it’s worth checking the mechanicals of any vehicle, so it’s a good idea to arrange for an annual service before you take to the road on your first camping trip of the year. If you’ve bought one of our ex-rental motorhomes, it might not be due an MOT yet, but make sure you also get this done if your motorhome is over 3 years old.
  • Note the condition of the tyres – Your tyres do a lot of work and carry a lot of weight, so it’s important that they have the right amount of tread, are properly inflated and don’t have any bulges or cracks on the sidewalls. Give them a thorough inspection before you do any miles.
  • Check the leisure battery or batteries – Your motorhome will have at least one battery responsible for powering the lights and sockets in the living area, this should have been kept charged over winter, so make sure it’s still charged and is holding its charge.
  • Check the condition of the gas bottle/s & Fittings – Similarly, make sure that the gas bottle or bottles look in good shape, that the valves operate smoothly and that the fittings and seals where they connect to you motorhome work well and are leak free. Also check how full they are and that the gas appliances in your motorhome operate properly.
  • Check the condition of your water systems – Hopefully you emptied your clean water tank, grey water tank and toilet cassette prior to winter and sterilised the system. Now it’s time to clean them again and get them ready for use. Don’t forget to close any taps and valves you may have left open.
  • Check the inside for leaks or damp – It’s important that motorhomes remain watertight, so make sure that there are no damp patches, leaks or must smells inside, check the condition of any window and door seals and joins in the bodywork.
  • Give the inside of your motorhome a good clean – A spring clean helps you make the motorhome your own again and also means that you’re more likely to spot any other issues so they can be remedied before you get on the road and start exploring.


Check your motorhome now and get peace of mind for the rest of the year

For those of you who’ve taken the opportunity to invest in an ex-rental motorhome from our fleet, this could well be the start of your first full year with a motorhome of your own. We hope you’ve found this guide a useful resource you can return to year after year (don’t forget to bookmark this page) and if you’ve yet to take the plunge into motorhome ownership, then why not contact us, or check out our selection of nearly new motorhomes for sale and make an enquiry?