These days there is a gadget for pretty much everything and anything you need; including keeping your motorhome safe. Lots of motorhome owners now rely on technology in order to keep their motorhome safe and also protect them should they be involved in an accident.

Lots of motorhome owners have purchased ‘dash cams’ in their vehicles which allow the drivers to record each and every journey. By having your journeys recorded, if you are ever involved in an accident you will be able to provide irrefutable evidence to your motorhome insurance provider. Furthermore, if you witness an accident while on the road you will be able to provide the footage as evidence if you feel that the accident wasn’t your fault.


Most dash cams come with a large memory card that saves all footage as it drives an then at the start of each week it will reset and start again unless you choose manually to save a video of a journey.

Some dash cams will also come with a sim card so that when it comes to protection off-road, you can set it up to receive texts and phone calls to confirm any alerts of power cuts, and there is even a new ‘tow alert’ system that advises owners if their motorhome has been moved without ignition.

Technology such as this is beneficial to motorhome owners but here at Priory Rentals we wanted to make sure your extra safe by highlighting some of the basic  things that you can also do to protect your vehicle.

The best ways to keep your motorhome safe and secure

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What are the best ways to keep your motorhome safe and secure?

Do everything you can do to secure your motorhome manually. Lock the doors, add deadbolts on the inside entry doors and use wheel clamps when stationary for a period of time. Always make sure that you lock your motorhome’s doors and windows properly before heading out, and never leave any valuables where people can see them.

Along with ensuring that your motorhome is never damaged or stolen, installing advanced technology could also keep you and your passengers safe on your journeys. It also means that potential thieves or smash for cash fraudsters will be deterred from targeting your vehicle as it is much less likely that they will get away with it.

When abroad stay on registered sites and avoid staying at service stations wherever possible. Planning your journey safely always is better than leaving things down to chance.

Remember to use window blinds. as most thieves are opportunists that will move on to the next target if they cannot see what they are breaking into. They wont try and steal what they cant see it becomes more of a gamble for them.

Install an alarm and/or tracker. An alarm serves as an immediate audio deterrent and a tracker is your best possible chance of recovering your motorhome if it’s stolen. Hopefully Priory Rentals tips can help you avoid this happening but if it does at least you will be able to locate it.