motorhome vs campervan

Motorhomes vs Campervan – aren’t the two interchangeable?

At Priory, we’re proud of our extensive range of prestigious luxury homes on wheels. While we know that some people use the words Motorhome and Campervan interchangeably, they’re not quite the same thing and once in a while our left eyes might twitch a little if we hear our wonderful Auto Trail Arapaho Hi-Line described as a ‘Campervan’!

While we love the look of the classic VW Campervan and everything this iconic vehicle represents, it wouldn’t normally be described as ‘luxurious’ to live in. A motorhome, however, is a fully equipped, comfortable premium quality home on wheels.

Defining the differences between a motorhome and a campervan aren’t always entirely clear, but we thought we’d have a try at defining the differences as we see them.


Size and construction

Camper Vans are typically the same size and shapes as the commercial panel vans they’re derived from. They may have more windows, but the dimensions are the same. Motorhomes, however, are almost always coachbuilt, which means that a cab and bare chassis have had a purpose made exterior and interior built directly onto the frame. Most motorhomes start at four berths in size and the very largest we offer can comfortably accommodate seven sleepers.


Internal fittings

A camper van might have up to three berths, but otherwise, there may be no other living facilities. A motorhome, however, can be expected to have numerous features beyond this. Our motorhomes come equipped with a compact kitchen equipped with a cooker. a lounge area, a shower and a toilet as a bare minimum. While it’s possible for a campervan to have some of these features, they won’t have all of them and what features are present won’t be up to the standard found in our luxury motorhomes.

Check out the internal views of some of our fleet and you’ll see interiors which resemble a private jet or luxury train carriage, not a repurposed delivery vehicle!


Motorhome just ‘sounds’ more grand!

For the luxurious travelling lifestyle Priory motorhomes represent, it just doesn’t seem right to refer to them as Campervans. Taking to the highway in your be-wheeled palace, your mobile stately home, your luxury hotel suite with interchangeable views, the experience ‘feels’ like a much more regal affair than simply driving a van for camping!

Hiring a luxury motorhome isn’t a cut price tour, it’s a premium alternative to staying in a hotel, with the added advantage of waking up to a view of your choice each and every day. ‘Campervan’ just doesn’t convey that sense opulence and gravitas!



Do you agree with our definition of a motorhome vs campervan? Would you like to add your own? We’d love to hear your views on the great motorhome vs. campervan debate. Get in touch with us via our contact form, or share your comments below.