For gas cooking and also using the central heating systems away from an electricity hook-up, motorhome hire from Priory Rentals will include two refillable LPG (liquid petroleum gas) containers  secured safely within a compartment on the side of your motorhome. One of the bottles will be supplied full, the other will contain whatever was left unused by the previous hirer.

Gas, as you know, needs a little care, but safely using motorhome gas bottles is straightforward, so long as you know how to use them and follow some simple rules.


Safely Using Motorhome Gas Bottles – A Simple Guide

On each Priory Motorhome, you’ll find a locked external compartment with a label that shows a gas bottle. The key to this compartment will have been supplied as part of your motorhome hire.  It’s important to know how to safely switch the gas bottles on and off as it’s unsafe to travel without first turning off the supply.

First, unlock and open the compartment to access the gas bottles. You’ll see a valve on top of each bottle, this can be turned all the way to the left (anticlockwise) to shut off the flow of gas, or all the way to the right (clockwise) to open up the valve allowing gas through.

The motorhome also has a valve of its own which will be located within the same compartment. Follow the gas pipe coming off the bittles and you’ll see a valve wih a small yellow lever. If this lever is pointing along the pipe, the gas is flowing, if it’s at 90 degrees to the pip, the gas is off.

Open up the valves on both the bottle and the pipe and then test the gas hob within your motorhome, if the gas is flowing to to the cooker, it will reach everywhere else it’s needed.

Once again, make sure that all gas valves are switched off before travelling anywhere in your motorhome and, of course, keep naked flames or any sources of ignition away from the gas bottles or pipes.


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All of our motorhomes are very recent models with barely any miles ‘on the clock’, so everything should work perfectly and you should have no trouble at all safely using motorhome gas bottles, but if you’re ever unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for help on this, or any other aspect of motorhome hire.