The Roller Team Motorhome Control Panel – Operators Guide

At Priory Rentals, we pride ourselves on keeping our fleet of motorhomes for hire up to date and when it comes to our lovely customers, only the best will do. This means that our luxury motorhomes come packed with features, gadgets and technology, bringing your camping experience firmly into the 21st century. We know some of the features might take a little explaining, so to make sure you can always have a resource to refer to when you’re out adventuring, we’ve put together a guide for operating the control panel commonly found in our popular Roller Team motorhomes, ably demonstrated by our very own Emma Cameron in the video above.


Operating the Roller Team Motorhome Control Panel

Depending on the model, the motorhome control panel found in Roller Team Motorhomes will be situated either above the door or above the fridge in the kitchen area. It’s a panel with a silver metallic frame, a row of what look like black buttons on the right hand side and an array of 8 touchable buttons within the frame. These touchable buttons are arranged in two columns each with four rows, which function as follows;

  • Top Left – This symbol depicting a thermometer relates to information about the temperature within the motorhome. Touch this control to illuminate the button and the main display will show the current temperature in degrees Celsius. This is a readout only, the heating system is controlled elsewhere.
  • Top Right – The control whose icon looks like a box containing three wavy lines, is used to indicate the water level within your Priory Motorhome. Push it once, the main panel will show ‘S1’ and a percentage which represents the remaining fresh water in the tank. Push the button a second time and ‘R1’ will be shown along with another percentage indicating how full the waste water tank is.
  • 2nd Row Left – This control, depicting the cab and chassis of your motorhome and the text ‘B1’ is used to find out hom much charge remains in the motorhome vehicle battery. This is the battery which is used to start the engine and support the electrical systems typical of any vehicle. The remaining charge is represented in volts.
  • 2nd Row Right – The symbol looks like the rear portion of a motorhome and is also marked ‘B2’ to indicate that this button relates to the motorhome’s leisure battery, which is the battery providing electrical power in the living area when there’s no external hook-up connected. Touching this control lights the button up blue and the panel will indicate the remaining charge in volts. This charge is drained by using electricity, but can be replenished by either driving, or hooking he motorhome up to mains electricity.
  • 3rd Row Left – This button, showing a motorhome from the front/back with three lines radiating from the side, controls the exterior lights of your Roller Team motorhome, which are active when this button is illuminated.
  • 3rd Row Right – This lightbulb symbol is the master switch used to control the motorhome’s interior lights. Touch this control and check the symbol lights up green. Each interior light also has it’s own switch.
  • Bottom Left – The tap symbol denotes the control to switch the water supply to the motorhome on and off. When illuminated, water is being supplied to the sinks, the shower and also to the toilet.
  • Bottom Right – Finally, the circle and line symbol shown here indicate an on/off button for the control panel and the functions it controls.


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