Roller Team Zefiro 685 - A Budget Motorhome


When it comes to motorhomes with the best combination of style, features and price, Roller Team take some beating. Whether you’re looking for high end luxury motorhome hire, or more of a budget motorhome, the Italian manufacturer has a model that’s just perfect for your needs and at any stage provides more for your money than you’d expect. The Roller Team Zefiro 685 is no exception and is one of the more popular models in the Priory Rental fleet for that very reason.


Roller Team Zefiro 685 – Perfect For Most Families

A terrific medium sized motorhome, with enough berths to sleep five, the Roller Team Zefiro 685 is still amongst the cheapest motorhomes in our fleet with prices starting from £94.00 per day.

Like all modern motorhomes, this model comes with a range of essential features. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, with an oven, hob, fridge and sink. There’s a lounge with a central table and the option to swivel the cab seats into this space too. Unusually, the shower and toilet are separate from one another which is an extra convenience not seen in some motorhomes.

The Double bed is an electrically operated dropdown type which is easy to use and allows for maximum internal space when not deployed, with an adjacent bed above the cab. In the rear are a pair of singles which are slightly raised to accommodate the spacious external ‘garage’ located beneath.

Roller Team Zefiro 685 interior

As Easy to Drive as it is to live with  – The Roller Team Zefiro 685

As with many modern motorhomes, the Roller Team Zefiro 685 has a cab and chassis underpinned by the Ford Transit, in all of its guises, the most popular van ever made. Renowned for its perfect balance of driveability, comfort and performance, it’s inclusion as part of a coach built motorhome means that it’s as easy to drive as your car and more than up to the task of carrying a cargo more precious than its commercial cousins. being a luxury motorhome, the cab of the Roller Team Zefiro 685 has more in the way of luxury extras, comfort and styling than the panel vans it’s based on, so expect all the driver aids you’re used to in your car and maybe a few extras besides.


The Roller Team Zefiro 685 – A Budget Motorhome in Price Only

For anyone who’s ever hired a motorhome before, this incredible motorhome might convince you we’ve got our prices wrong. With many fixtures and features as well as the quality of the interior hinting at motorhomes with much higher prices, it’s easy to see why the Roller Team Zefiro 685 is so popular – it’s far more of a motorhome than a budget motorhome should be and we love that about it most. We’re sure you will too!


Contact us to make your booking and find out for yourself why this is one of the most popular motorhomes in our fleet and experience it for yourself.


Roller Team Zefiro 685 Layout