A Luxury Summer Holiday with budget to spare

Book a luxury summer break without breaking the bank

A holiday is the highlight of any given year. You might have spent all year saving up for it, looking forward to it and planning the minutiae in excruciating detail to make sure you get the absolute best out of your break. It seems the more you spend, the better your holiday. For an exceptional break you must save exceptionally hard and spend it all in pursuit of an exceptionally memorable experience. After all, you deserve the best and you can’t get a luxury hotel with B&B money. Or can you?


The features of a luxury hotel room in a luxury Motorhome

A budget hotel room will have beds, wash facilities, a wardrobe, perhaps a kettle and usually a TV. Any of our luxury motorhomes (which cost about the same) have these. So what differentiates a budget hotel with a luxury room?

In a luxury hotel room, you pay a premium for upscaled facilities. The decor is nicer, the fixtures newer and the surroundings more opulent. No motorhomes in our fleet are more than four years old, we choose only the best models and regularly add new motorhomes as we retire older ones. With this being the case, our motorhomes are easily a match for much more expensive accommodation.

In a luxury hotel room, the better the view, the more you pay. Penthouse views mean penthouse prices. If you want a sea view, a scenic view or a penthouse view, you can have it, but these rooms normally cost substantially more. With a motorhome, however, you get to choose your own view. If you find a scenic spot, you can park up for the night and wake up to the vista you’ve chosen. Keep it if you wish, or find a new one for the following night. It goes without saying, but this is all included in the price.

Luxury hotel rooms usually provide complimentary access to all the onsite facilities. For a luxury motorhome, ‘onsite’ stretches to anywhere in Europe, so we can’t promise that all of it is complimentary, but the Brit Stops membership and access to the camping and caravanning club privelage scheme we include with every hire allows you access to a wide range of campsites. As lovely as a luxury hotel room is, you wouldn’t spend your whole holiday there, so a luxury room of another sort, which can travel with you to where you want to go and allow you to get out of bed, walk out of your room and get straight into whatever you want to do that day, is surely a far better prospect than getting up early enough to travel to wherever you want to go and competing with all the other people heading in the same direction.

In a luxury hotel room, your sheets will get changed and your room tidied up, which, of course, you don’t get in a motorhome (sorry), but you also don’t get the anxiety associated with worrying that a stranger will show up when you’re not around, clean up after you, rummage through your stuff and silently judge you, no matter how tidy you leave things. We’re calling that another plus point in favour of motorhomes, how about you?


Choose a motorhome, get more to spend doing what you love

You saved for luxury, but when you get luxury for B&B money, that means you’ll have a lot of your holiday budget leftover to spend on experiences. What will you spend all that extra money on? All the little treats can now be big treats. All the standard tickets can now be upgraded to VIP. Cafe meals swapped with Cordon Bleu. The real beauty of a motorhome holiday is that nothing has to be a compromise. You get all the luxury, all the convenience and all the experience, but because the price is so low, you also get more to spend on luxuries outside of your accommodation. Making a luxury motorhome holiday far superior to a luxury hotel room. Book the luxury summer holiday of your life and get in touch today.