Memorable Family Holidays - Spend Time not Money

Your kids will remember what you did not how much you spent

Family holidays are all about making memories. While you might worry about not spending the money to go jetting off to far flung exotic locations, or regret not having the money to do just that, bear in mind that kids, by and large, live in the moment. if they’re having fun, experiencing love, laughter and adventure, it doesn’t really matter so much where that adventure takes place.


Holiday flights with kids – only for the brave!

If you’ve ever taken your kids on a flight, the problems can start almost in the taxi to the airport. The kids are already in “Are we there yet?” mode and even once you’ve arrived at the airport, you know your journey is going to be a stressful one. Airports are all about waiting around for ages. You have to turn up early, you have to stand in lines, you have to be patient and you have to accept that it’s going to be a bit dull and a bit frustrating. All things which kids, quite often aren’t so good at dealing with. This is before they have to spend hours sitting still in a cramped cabin. By the time you arrive, you already feel you need a holiday from this holiday!

Compare this with motorhome travel. You can load up the motorhome with everything you need and safely stow it away before the kids get on board. They get to step out of their front door, straight into their holiday home. You’ll never wonder where they are or risk losing them. They can bring as many toys and games as they want, there’s no baggage restriction. You can stop as often as you want for food breaks, toilet breaks or just to explore. In a motorhome, quality time starts from the moment you step aboard.


Family holidays abroad or at home – a motorhome is a better choice

When you travel by motorhome, the world is yours to explore. While a fortnight on the beach might sound like your idea of relaxing break, there’s only so much of doing the same thing every day before the dreaded “I’m bored!” sulks start. If you’ve booked a hotel in a tourist spot, everything’s likely to be priced for tourists, so dealing with the boredom isn’t likely to come cheap. If you’ve made a poor choice of venue, you’re going to have to live with it for the duration of your family holiday. Not so in a motorhome. When your accommodation goes wherever you want it to, you can visit the beach if you like, or even a different beach every day until you get bored with them. You’ve taken all your amenities with you, so you don’t have to settle for a tourist spot, you can choose to find a more secluded spot away from the maddening crowds. If beaches start to get a bit dull, why not find a forest to lose yourselves in? Or a theme park to visit? Or a mountain to climb? Or a quaint village to explore? With a luxury motorhome at your disposal for your family holidays, your kids will have a hard time getting bored, when no two days are the same.


Family holidays in a  motorhome – Quality time without the cost

On regular family holidays, chances are that you’ll have to consider your travel budget, your accommodation budget and your entertainment budget and try to find the best balance between them all. Travel further and you’ll have less to spend when you get there. Pick a nice hotel and you’ll have less to spend on doing things you’ll enjoy etc. Hire a motorhome however and you won’t have to compromise. Diesel is far cheaper than you’ll pay to use jet fuel, modern motorhomes are every bit as luxurious as modern hotel rooms and when you consider that every stop is an adventure and you’re not limited to tourist areas or by distance, you can give your kids some truly memorable experiences without spending much at all. A motorhome, therefore, combines travel, accommodation and entertainment into an all in one package that’s greater than the sum of its parts.


Budget family holidays which don’t feel ‘cheap’

If you’ve haven’t experienced family holidays n a motorhome, you’re in for a treat and so is your family. Check out our range of modern luxury motorhomes and get in touch to make your booking. Give your family a summer holiday to remember without breaking the bank.