Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line - A Gentle Giant

Large Families Love the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line

When you need the very largest motorhome you can get your hands on, the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line is a perfect choice for motorhome hire. At 7 berths, this is one of our highest capacity motorhomes, but with hire starting as low as £100 per day, it’s nowhere near our highest price, making it the cheapest motorhome in our fleet on a ‘per head’ basis.

There’s no getting around the size of this larger than average motorhome and with it being big enough to comfortably accommodate 7 people, drivers will need the C1 category on their driving license in order to be allowed to drive this motorhome. Don’t let that put you off though, the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line is just as easy to drive as any other of the motorhomes in our fleet, just think of it as a slightly larger version of your car.


Inside the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line

At over 7 metres long and more than 2 metres wide, the interior of the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line is as spacious as you’d expect. The main double bed is situated directly above the ‘mid-ship’ lounge area and drops down electronically only when needed, giving you even more space during the day. The rearmost beds are bunk beds, so be prepared if there’s likely to be a squabble over who take the top one!

The well designed L-shaped kitchen larger than you’ll find in many motorhomes and features the usual oven, hob, sink and fridge you’d expect along with a whole range the of cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery we provide as standard. The combined bathroom and toilet is well proportioned and makes terrific use of space.

With lots of well though out storage throughout and with the use of large windows and skylights, the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line, while aready large, feels far more roomy still, so even when all 7 travellers are on board, this mighty motorhome doesn’t feel cramped.


Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Floor plan


Living with The Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line

A motorhome of this size is naturally a little heavier than average, but thanks to the superb underpinnings from the tried and tested Fiat Commercial Chassis, you’ll have no trouble navigating the highways at the helm of this incredible machine. Drivers are cossetted and provided every modern driver convenience as well as an ungraded cab with premium upholstery. Once you’re out on the open road, you’ll find driving a breeze.

The cleverly designed interior is made to accommodate large families, so as well as having room for all the people, there’s also plenty of space for their belongings too, so you’ll never have to worry about whether there’s room for everything. Unless you have a teenager wanting to bring their whole wardrobe!


Hire the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 Low Line

We could go on about the virtues of this wonderful and practical motorhome, but the only way to truly appreciate how much you’re getting for so little, is to contact us, make your booking and take it out for an adventure. It’ll likely be one of the cheapest ways to take a family of 7 on holiday, but it won’t feel cheap and you’re sure to love every minute!