Roller Team Auto-Roller 746

The Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 – A Motorhome for nearly anyone

At Priory Rentals, we eat, sleep and dream motorhome hire, we’ve seen and owned more than our fair share of luxury motorhomes and when we say that a particular motorhome will suit almost anyone, you know we’re speaking from a position of both knowledge and experience. The Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 is one such motorhome and if you were ever unsure about which motorhome to choose from our extensive fleet, this is one that’ll serve you well, no matter what your needs.

But what is it that makes the Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 a motorhome with such broad appeal? It’s a great question, let’s find out!


The Auto-Roller 746 is one of our best value motorhomes

Despite being at the larger end of our fleet in terms of size, the Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 is at the lower end in terms of price when it comes to motorhome hire. You can hire this fabulous motorhome from as little as £100 a day, which isn’t much more than our very cheapest models and with the trim and equipment levels in this model, that’s incredible value for money.


The Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 – Big enough for the whole family

The Auto-Roller 746 is a spacious motorhome and with 6 berths, amongst the best for larger families. With a clever use of space and none of the beds being fixed in place, hirers can use the cavernous interior as you please to take maximum advantage of all the available space. The massive u-shaped lounge in the rear and the airy over-cab bed are two of our favourite features in this roomy model.


The Auto-Roller 746 can be made Dog Friendly

While not all of our fleet can be made pet friendly, the Auto-Roller 746 is a motorhome in which you can arrange to bring along your favourite furry friend for the ride. With all dog friendly motorhomes, there’s a small additional charge to cover the extra cleaning costs, but for dog lovers, this is likely inconsequential in comparison to being able to bring along the life and soul of any adventure!


The Best Motorhome for hire as voted by you!

With all the advantages of the Auto-roller 746, what tells us how good it is, more than anything else is its sheer popularity. This large Roller Team model is one of the most popular models in our fleet. While we know our motorhomes, you, our lovely customers do as well. you know what you want and tell us so by hiring it from us and who are we to argue? What you want, you get and it turns out, that the 746 is one of your favourites!


if you’ve not yet checked out this fabulous, spacious, well equipped and versatile motorhome, then check out this great value motorhome and get in touch to make your booking while we still have availability!


Discover the RollerTeam Auto-Roller 746