Why You Should Visit France in a Motorhome

Camping in France

As we look forward further into the New Year and start to see Winter giving way to Spring, it’s time to start thinking about arranging motorhome hire for your first motorhome adventure of 2019 and what better way to start the year than to take a roadtrip to the continent and to visit France in a Motorhome?

A short trip across The Channel, France is close enough for even a weekend trip by road, with enough culture and charm to make it worthy of a visit at any time of year. But a visit during the first months of the year can be uniquely rewarding and is well worth considering.


It’s never Too Cold to Visit France

For those of us in the UK, France is the most popular gateway to Europe and is a joy to visit no matter what the season. Visiting in the off-season means that our closest continental cousin will be far quieter than it would be at more popular times of the year, but you’ll still find that the majority of the places you’d want to visit are still open and the network of Aires Du Camping (formal motorhome stopovers) mean that you’ll never be stuck for a place to park overnight.

The weather, naturally will be at its coolest, but you’ll find that no matter what art of France you drive to in your Priory Motorhome, it won’t be as cold or anywhere near as wet as the weather back home. Another great reason to visit France in a Motorhome! Any motorhome hire from Priory Rentals is well insulated in any case, so you won’t feel the chill on even the coldest Gallic night.

If you’ve never made the trip before, you’ll find that the roads are well organised and well maintained, so even if there is a cold snap, it won’t stop you from going wherever you like.


Camping in France – Double Up on The Savings

The price of motorhome hire is at its lowest at this time of year, so this makes it the best time of year for a cheap motorhome holiday. If you visit France in a motorhome this January or February, you’ll be able to make good use of the money you saved on that motorhome hire to take advantage of the bargains to be had in ‘les soldes d’hiver’ – the New Year sales in France .

Unlike the UK, there are strict laws in France governing ‘sales’. Typically there are only a few weeks in the Winter and a few weeks in the Summer when sales as we’d recognise them are permitted, so when they do happen, it’s a big event and the savings to be had are very much worthwhile. There’s never a better time to visit France in a motorhome in search of a bargain.


Book Now to Visit France In a Motorhome or Camper Van

Whether your New Year resolution is to travel more in 2019, to try something different or you simply need some inspiration for where to go in the first months of the year, taking a trip to the continent by road is something everyone should do at least once in their lives and there’s no better way than motorhome hire to take to the road for an adventure.

Contact us now to book a luxury motorhome and get ready to visit France in a motorhome of your very own.