A motorhome holiday is always fun whether it is just you and your friends, other half or even the whole family. However, if you are considering taking the children you need to ensure you are fully prepared for the journey ahead of you and have done everything you can to save you a stressful experience further down the line.


Even though a motorhome is a good space for your camping holiday, bringing children requires more space. Children love to be able to run around, play together and need more storage space for bringing things such as clothing, toys and gadgets. If you are planing on a motorhome holiday with your children then a more spacious motor home is often a better choice. With a bigger motorhome there are more berths to be able to sleep in and you will not have to disturb the furniture when it comes to bedtime. This may seem like a strange benefit but when you consider you will be probably staying up a little later than the children will and they will probably be awake slightly earlier than you will this is a big benefit.

Pack Snacks

Little ones can be bribed and tamed with snacks very easily and in turn, they can keep them calm on the long journeys, in the nights before bed and in a range of other situations. Although it is not the healthiest of options, if it is given to them in small amounts and only every so often, it can be a great way to calm down and keep them quiet. Children often prefer different foods to adults so packing their favourite foods and packing some more mature food is always a good idea if you want to be able to keep everyone happy, including yourself.

Book a Campsite

Children love to be able to mingle with other children and in turn, opting for a site over a wild camping experience always works out more beneficial to yourself. A variety of sites come with things such as parks, children’s crèche’, childcare and a whole load of other attractions for the little ones to be able to mingle with other children and have fun. Therefore, opt for this over a normal wild camping experience seems like a no brainer with children.

Book Camping Activities

Booking activities for your child on the getaway is very important as if you do not, you will simply get complaints about boredom and monotony. Try booking things such as stop off locations along the way in various castles or small theme parks to be able to tease the fun nature into the children. There are thousands of small locations across the country that you can visit and spend an hour or two to keep the children happy for a few more hours on the road. Things such as Jump Nation, Water world or Silver Blades Ice Rink can be amazing places to be able to kill a few hours and keep the children quiet for the day.


Organisation in a motorhome holiday is key. Things such as planning a few rainy day backups, planning the route and organising the things you pack all require a level of skill and perseverance, as something is bound to go wrong and it important to know that you’ve planned ahead to prevent it. Remember to plan things such as board game, indoor activity backups such as the cinema, Eden Project, water world and other variations as these activities can go a long way in ensuring the children don’t complain is something falls through due to the British weather.

Another great way to be organised enough to combat the weather is simply to bring a whole load of the children’s favourite toys and gadgets for them to be able to play with, this stops then complaining and gives them something to do in the day until the weather changes and you can return to your origin plan.

If you are thinking of taking your children along with you on your motorhome break, then take a look through our range of motorhomes to be able to select one with sufficient room to be able to suit your needs for your family.