camping in europe

Enjoy an exciting family holiday in a motorhome, by having a camping holiday in Europe. Have a look at some of your options for taking a motorhome to Europe.

Summer is the perfect time for a family getaway, with the kids off school and the amazing weather it doesn’t get much better. The school holidays inevitably mean that the travel companies hike up their prices for ‘peak’ time.

Solution? Take a motorhome. You will not only evade expensive flights, hotels and travel, but when you get there but you will have more freedom to explore all that the area has to offer. The motorhome gives you access to anywhere and everywhere with ferries travelling from England’s bustling ports to France, Norway, Sweden and even the Netherlands. Then even if this isn’t for you it’s only a short drive to the more sunny and exotic places!

A great man once said that “The holiday is the journey and sense of adventure.” This speaks for its self really. Why would you want to go away to simply stay in one place and not explore and make the most of your time on the way there and the journey back.

Travelling from England to France.

camping in France

England to France is one of the UK’s favourite holidays in the summer times. This is due to the beautiful weather, strong heritage and amazing views of the vineyards and the rolling country side. The cost of the ferry is a very modest £167 for a motorhome of any size. This in contrast to flights and a hotel is a very, very economical price. The route consists of M6, M42, M20 then a ferry across the Channel from Dover to Calais. Then in total it will take you around 6 hours of driving and that’s including the 35 minutes spent on the ferry resting. So it is a pretty reasonable amount of time to spend, considering its completely up to what time you go with ferries running hourly all day and night.

Travelling from England to Spain.

spain holiday

England to Spain is obviously a favourite for people who love sun. It’s often not thought to be a ideal place to drive to either. However, with the modern road connections, it would be more of a adventurous road trip for the family. The route cuts through London, Paris and the little known country of Andorra. This makes it a amazing opportunity to travel not only Spain but Western Europe this summer. Again, the ferry would be the best option to be able to cross the channel. There are other options available but the ferry from Dover to Calais is the fastest and most economically efficient.

Travelling from England to Isle of Man.

isle of Man camping

The isle of man is loved by people who love hiking and enjoy the rigid mountainous terrains above anything else. This attribute makes the Isle of Man anyone’s favourite outdoor holiday.  Accessible on a short ferry ride from Liverpool it is ideally located for priory rentals motorhomes to be able to get in your motorhome and be off the ferry on the Isle of Man within a few hours of departure. The island its self has a large amount of history and activities ranging from castles to potholing.


Travelling from  England to Black Forest.

camping black forest europe

The scary Black Forest is ideal for the family with its magical appearance and cool shade to be able to keep you out of the sun. The forest commission in the area throw a lot of events very regularly which are at low cost or sometimes free, making it easy for you to keep the family occupied in one of Europe’s biggest forests. The forest its self has lots of history as its where the barbarians made their stand against the roman armies, with many a battle taking place in and around the forest. The journey its self again would mean travel on a ferry from Dover to Calais but then would be met with a Breathtaking 6 hour drive through the rolling hills of France.