How to go Motorhome Camping With a Baby

Hints and Tips For Going Motorhome Camping With a Baby

You’re never too young for your fist motorhome adventure, even if you’re in a pram, even if you have to rely on Mum and Dad to arrange the motorhome hire. If you’re the proud parent of bouncing baby, a motorhome adventure is a perfect way for you to get out and about and enjoy a holiday, perhaps you first family holiday, while still being in full control of the environment and having more space to move around and also to store all the accessories which come with a baby.


What should I take with me when motorhome camping with a baby?

When motorhome camping with a baby, its surprising how much paraphernalia is needed by one so small. Usually a baby’s packing will take up more space than Mums and Dads! It’ll feel like you’ve brought everything but the kitchen sink (all Priory Motorhomes come equipped with one of those), so it’s helpful to have a packing list so that you don’t leave any essentials behind.

  • An Isofix baby seat
  • A pram or stroller
  • Baby’s cot (or travel cot if you have one)
  • Plastic Bath and bathing accessories
  • A High Chair
  • Changing mat (as well as extra supplies of nappies, wipes, creams and nappy bags)
  • Picnic blanket
  • Play Mat and/or Play Pen
  • More baby clothes than you think you’ll need!
  • A selection of toys and distractions
  • Stock up on favourite food in case they’re not available where you’re going
  • In warm weather, A sunhat, sunscreen and insect repellant
  • In cold weather, a woolly hat, mittens and extra warm clothing

Thankfully, one of the best things about hiring a motorhome, is that you can bring as much as you like along with you. there are no baggage restrictions and you only have to carry your packing from your front door to wherever you’ve parked, making motorhome camping with a baby relatively stress free and easy right from the start.


Top Tips for Motorhome Camping with a Baby

  • Choose the right pitch – Even the calmest baby can get a little cranky from time to time. Many new parents avoid holidays simply because they don’t want to inflict the noise of a crying baby on other holidaymakers. One of the beauties of motorhome travel is that you’re able to camp, if you need to, as far away from other campers as makes sense. This way you’re less self conscious than you might otherwise be (if, for example, you were one of a number of families packed like sardines into cramped hotel rooms with paper thin walls).
  • Let their wonder infect you – A baby outdoors and in an unfamiliar environment is a joy to behold. They naturally want to discover and to explore and the unabashed looks of sheer wonder, amazement and happiness at every ‘new’ sight sound and smell help us realise what a truly awesome world we all live in. Allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of your baby and let that make your trip more magical.
  • Don’t worry too much about routine – Remember, you’re all on holiday, so routine has already been disrupted. If that upsets your baby, then feel free to stick to strict bedtimes and mealtimes, but if not, give yourself a breaks and just go with the flow, you’re on no-ones clock otter than your own, so relax and enjoy the time together. You’ll probably find that all the extra fresh air will result in a far more contented baby, who’ll sleep far better for you than they would at home!
  • Take lots of photos – It’s advice you probably don’t need, but don’t forget to snap away so you can  capture and preserve every bit of joy to look back on in years to come. A word of caution though, don’t spend so much time documenting your trip that you forget to make sure you’re taking an active part in it. Making memories is more important that taking memories.

When going motorhome camping with a baby, make sure you enjoy the experience, especially if it’s your first holiday with your little one. It’s a new experience for you all, but with the right preparation and a little thought, it’ll be one you can look back on with fondness for a lifetime and all too soon, become a treasured memory of that all too brief time when your child was just a baby. Contact us to hire a luxury motorhome and make the most of this precious time while you can.