Mixing Business & Pleasure - Working From a Motorhome

Working from a motorhome – take a break without taking time off work

Only a couple of decades ago, there was a stark line between business and pleasure, between work time and leisure time. Where earning a living typically took place in office hours, from Monday to Friday and the rest of your time was your own. In more modern times, the rise of communication technology has seen a blur between these lines which were once distinct. All of a sudden, your boss could reach you anytime and anywhere, you were able to log in and work from practically any location and as such, you’re never truly away from work. While many resent this intrusion into their personal time, we’d like to present it to you as an opportunity to make your work part of your play by arranging motorhome hire and working from a motorhome!


Why haven’t you tried working from a motorhome yet?

Many modern jobs need little more than a laptop, a mobile phone and an internet connection, it’s for this reason why working from home is becoming more commonplace, saving employees onerous commutes and saving employers the expense of office buildings for them to commute to. That same technology that binds you to your job, can also be what sets you free. After all, if everything you need to do your job is so easily portable, why limit yourself to just working at home? Why not, instead choose to work from a different beauty spot every day, or travel to a different city, or even a different country as the mood tales you and simply log on during office hours? If you can work from home, you can probably work from anywhere and if you’re working from a motorhome, it makes sense to work from everywhere you can! it’s as close to being paid to travel as you’re likely to get!


Working from a motorhome – Remoting as a ‘Digital Nomad’

Armed with your work kit, there’s really no limit to where you can travel when you’re working from a motorhome. if you have access to a portable router then so long as there’s a mobile signal, you can stop and sign in anywhere. In practice however, it might be more cost effective to find wi-fi and save on your data costs. but what better way to spend a day in work than at the table of a cosy coffee shop in the village, town or city of your choice, in whichever country you happen to be travelling through? Does remoting on the road sound like a better way to work? Thought so! So why not do it?

At Priory, for the time being at least, we allow our motorhomes to be taken pretty much anywhere in Europe, so why not take advantage of this arrangement, contact us to make a booking and try a better way to combine leisure travel and making a living, by working from a motorhome, you’ll never want to work any other way ever again!