Our Guide to Driving a motorhome for the very First Time

Driving a Motorhome – There’s a First Time For Everything

No matter who your are, any skill you have now, whether it’s cooking, driving, or even walking, you had to be acquire at one time or other. When you arrange motorhome hire for the first time, the prospect of driving a motorhome might seem daunting, but, like anything else, it won’t take you long to get used to it and you’re sure to enjoy the experience of being behind the wheel as much as you enjoy the freedom it brings.

if you need a little extra reassurance though, we’ve put together a few things it might be helpful to bear in mind before your first experience driving a motorhome.


Why Driving a motorhome is easier than you think

You don’t need any special skills or special training to pilot the vast majority of the motorhomes in the Priory Rentals Fleet. Sure they’re bigger than your car, but if you can drive that, you can drive a motorhome.

  • The controls are the same as your car – Anyone with a regular driving license can drive a motorhome. Sure, they’re a little bigger, but the controls are the same and you should have no problem adjusting.
  • The wing mirrors are bigger – your rear view is restricted, but the wing mirrors are huge, so you’ll have plenty of vision down either side of your priory Rentals motorhome.
  • The driving position is better – The cab of a motorhome is set far higher up than your car, so you have a terrific view of the road ahead and all around you.
  • The cab is more comfortable – Long distance van drivers demand a comfortable place to sit, motorhomes take the top of the range van seats and add luxury upholstery and extra driver conveniences.
  • You don’t feel the weight as much as you’d think – Motorhomes are much bigger and heavier than your car, but they’re based on underpinnings from heavy duty commercial vans which are made to move heavy loads. The steering and other controls were designed to make transporting cargo far heavier than a motorhome body easy.


Getting the most out of Driving a Motorhome

Driving a motorhome can be a relaxing, almost zen-like experience if you let it. Allow your driving style to adjust and let all that tension drop away with each passing mile.

  • Don’t rush – you’re in no hurry – When you’re driving your car, chances are you’re heading somewhere for a particular purpose, usually at the same time as everyone else onhe road and you have to be there for a particular time. Not so with a motorhome. You’re not on the clock, you’re on your own schedule, so enjoy the journey. Take it slow, steady and relax.
  • Let each maneuvre be an occasion – Motorhomes don’t dart in and out of traffic, they move deliberately and with gravitas. Plan ahead, indicate in plenty of time and sweep majestically from lane to lane.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand parking – It’s unlikely you’re travelling alone, so make use of your passengers to help guide you when parking up. There’s less stress when it’s a team effort.


Top Tips for Driving a motorhome

Driving a motorhome is more or less the same as driving your car, but you do need to take account of the extra size, weight and length when you’re driving and parking.

  • Reverse into parking spaces – It’s usually easier than driving in forwards and it makes driving out far easier and less stressful – pedestrians don’t seem to realise you can’t see them!
  • Take corners and bends far wider – Getting you motorhome’s front wheels round a corner is easy, but you’ll need to make sure the back wheels do too, so make sure you drive a little past a corner when turning.
  • Accelerate and brake gently – Motorhomes aren’t geared for impressive 0-60 times and their mass means that 60-0 takes longer too. Build up your speed gradually and use your improved driving position to plan further ahead and brake sooner when you need to.
  • Be more cautious on exposed routes – Motorhomes are high sided vehicles and quite light for their size. This means that you’re likely to feel crosswinds a little more, so slow down if the wind picks up.
  • Be aware of the headroom you need – In the manual or the cab of the motorhome, there sould be a notice to let you know how tall it is. Keep an eye out for max headroom and low bridge signs. Many sat-navs can also be set to avoid low bridges.
  • Pull over on single track roads – Remember when you were driving you car and end up stuck behind a caravan for miles, wishing the driver would pull over to let people past? Now’s your chance to show those caravanners how it’s done for extra karma points!


Don’t be afraid to try your hand at driving a motorhome

When all’s said and done, there’s nothing to stop you from clambering into the big comfortable armchair like drivers seat and getting behind the wheel of a luxury motorhome. Driving a motorhome is far easier than you might think and we’re positive that once you’ve done it for the first time, you’ll be back time and time again to live life at a gentler pace, both on the road and on the campsite. So take the plunge – Check out our range of motorhomes for hire and make your booking.