Can’t imagine leaving your dog at home whilst you go on holiday? Our pet friendly motorhome rentals mean its easier than ever to go camping with your dog, So with just a little planning, you can bring all members of your family along on your next getaway, including your beloved dog.

Their are so many great European destinations to visit in your motorhome there will always be somewhere to take your dog with you. When you go to explore the local attractions and enjoy the local walks then you can always bring your dog with you.


Just remember these top tips for when you do take your dog travelling with you wherever you may go.

Toilet stops

Remember that whilst you are travelling you now have an extra passenger. Make sure you bring a water bowl, treats, food tray and the leash for your dog. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand in case tap water isn’t available.  You don’t want a thirsty hound on your hands.

Make sure you allow extra travel time for toilet and exercise breaks when planning your drive. It’s nicest, and safest, to take rest stops at a park or playground so you and your pooch can have a run around.

Dogs easily suffer heat stress, so never leave your pet in the car unattended. Also consider buying shade screens for the windows if the dog will be travelling in the back of your car.

Dog sitting

The only downside to taking your pet with you will be that if you wish to go out to visit the local restaurants someone will have to dog sit, which means they will miss out on the meal. But we’re pretty sure that the fact that your whole family is together during your holiday, someone wont mind missing out on a meal out every now and again, especially if you rotate and take turns dog sitting.

Depending on your location there may even be a local dog sitter in the area so if your in luck it might all fall into place easier than you think.

Pet Health

Although we hope it never happens, anyone can get sick on holidays and so can our pets. So before heading off, find out where the local vet or pet hospital is. This is particularly important if you are going camping or heading somewhere remote. Also don’t forget to pack any pet medication you may need and take enough for the whole time you are away.

Pets are a big part of the family

It’s great to be able to include pets in your family fun. Although a little extra planning is needed, taking your pets with you on holidays is a rewarding experience for you and your pet. By travelling in a motorhome you can still bring along the dogs favourite toy and familiar bedding. If you pay attention to details for your dog’s health and safety while on the move, your holiday can be fun and a stress free for everyone.