Hiring a motorhome is a very simple and easy process; however, it is all the extra additional things that people often forget or find tricky Things such as the route planning, booking the campsites or even bringing supplies for the journey such as food or drink; so we have brought you a small guide on planning your retreat.


Get Rough Details

First things first, before you can even consider planning a motorhome holiday, you need to consider three things.

Firstly, who will be coming on the motorhome touring trip; Secondly, you need to consider your destination and any other places you want to stop at on your holiday. For example, if you want to head to Spain then you may want to stop at Paris along the way to make the most of your retreat.

So the final question comes down to if you can afford everything you want to do during this holiday? This includes the hiring of the motorhome and the diesel and any spending money you think you may need on your trip for food or activities. If the answers to these questions are yes then you should be on the right tracks for the perfect motorhome holiday.

Motorhome Hire

Booking your motorhome is made simple with Priory Rentals as we have a wide selection available when it comes to motorhome hire. When selecting a motorhome there are a few things you should consider before it comes to selecting which you will be using. You will need to know how many people you will be bringing along with you on your motorhome holiday, then you will know which birth to select on the site.

If you are bringing a pet along with you on your motorhome retreat which we recommend if you have on then you will need to select a Priory Rentals motorhome that is pet friendly as not all of the motorhomes in our inventory can accommodate pets. If you let us know you will be bringing your pet along on your holiday we will be more than happy to discuss your options and find you a motorhome to fit your needs. However, if you look for the red paw print on our motorhome selections you will be able to see which motorhomes are pet friendly.

Book Campsites

Once you have your dates and motorhome available you should begin to look at your route and see where the campsites are along the way.

However, you do not actually need to stay at a campsite. A number of countries allow wild camping within their borders, such as Scotland. This in turn means that you can head up to a lovely forest, mountain range or coastline and simply pitch for the night and camp in front of a spectacular view.

If you do wish to camp on a campsite then you will have to alter your route in order to be able to get the most out of your journey. Finding a good quality campsite can be difficult, however if you do a little research you can usually find something that is perfect and has all the facilities both you and your group need to be able to enjoy your stay.

If you’re travelling to the south of England or into Europe, a lot of motorhome campsites offer things such as swimming pools and other extras which can seem great for a group of friends or family. These campsites can usually be a few extra euros per vehicle but can keep everyone entertained for a few hours before bed so can usually be worth the extra money.

Final Thoughts

Now you are all set to go on your motorhome holiday. Dont forget if you wish you have your motorhome dropped off you can do for a fee. For more information view our drop off service page here.