A Simple Guide to Hook Up Your Motorhome To Mains Electricity

When you arrange motorhome hire from Priory Rentals, your luxury motorhome will come fully equipped with all the essentials you need to enable you to simply pack up and go. Motorhomes are completely self contained and allow you the freedom to park anywhere you’re able and camp without then need for any other facilities. But when you have the opportunity, it’s handy to know how to hook up your motorhome to the power outlets often found on the campsites you visit.

The electrical systems in the living area can all be powered by the internal leisure battery which is recharged by the motorhome itself when you’re driving, however, for extended stops, you’ll need to connect your motorhome to mains electricity so you’re not having to ration your power usage or worry about running out. So what’s the procedure to hook up your motorhome to the mains?


Hook Up Your Motorhome On The Campsite

Priory Motorhomes will come complete with a length of electrical cable. This is normally found in a kit bag which is often safely stowed in your motorhome’s external locker if it has one, or to the rear if not. The cable works in the same way as a typical domestic extension lead, it’s just longer, tougher and with slightly different plugs at the end.

The ‘male’ end of the cable (the end with three pins), connects to the outlet on your campsite. The opposite ‘female’ end, which has a cover concealing three holes connects to your motorhome. Look for a small cover or flap on the motorhome body which covers the power inlet and simply open up the female connector and push it into place, closing the motorhome’s flap over the top of it as far as it will go.

If, once you’ve gone through the procedure to hook up your motorhome cable at both ends and there’s still no power, it’s possible that the supply may be switched off, so check with the campsite manager to make sure power is being supplied. For more information, check out our guide to Mains power and Motorhomes.


Hook Up Your Motorhome While You Recharge Your Batteries

Stopping off at a campsite allows you the opportunity to enjoy the full facilities of your motorhome without worrying about running down your onboard supplies. If you do spend some time at formal campsites, it makes sense to hook up your motorhome and top up so you can use all of your electronic gadgets worry free and be fully charged for the next part of your motorhome adventure.

If you need more information on how to hook up your motorhome, or need more advice on any aspect of motorhome travel, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be delighted to help.