Motorhomes are designed with all the comforts of home in mind and when you arrange motorhome hire with Priory Rentals you can be sure you’ll be driving away luxury motorhome fully equipped with all the latest technology and systems. Your house has central heating and so will your motorhome, so we’ve put together a quick guide to controlling motorhome heating and hot water, so you’ll know how to operate it.


The Truma Panel – Controlling Motorhome Heating & Hot Water

Many of our motorhomes are equipped with a Truma combi-boiler which is, in turn, controlled via the Truma Panel shown in the video above. The Truma panel features a dial which is used to scroll through the options shown on the LCD screen and the desired option can be selected by highlighting it with the dial and then pushing the dial in the middle like a button. There’s also a separate ‘back’ button to the left of the dial to return you to a previous screen.

The screen is dark in passive mode, but a single push of the dial will ‘wake it up’ so that it’s ready to accept commands.

The home screen features four options, which from left to right, allow you to control heating, control hot water, choose a power source and select fan speed. For each option rotate the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise until the desired option is flashing, then push the dial in the middle to select that option.

  • Heating – The first option on the left when selected, allows you to select the desired internal temperature of your motorhome in muh the same way as you would a thermostat back home or in your car. Rotate the dial left for cooler, right for warmer and all the way to the left for ‘off’. Push to select.
  • Hot Water – The next option along governs the hot water. There are four options to choose from, ‘Off’ ‘Eco’, ‘Hot’ or ‘Boost’. The boulder can heat 10 litres of water at a time and these options allow you to select how fast you want to heat it up. Eco is the slowest, but most efficient, Boost is the fastest but uses more resources, Hot falls somewhere in between.
  • Control Power Source – Motorhome heating & hot water can be powered by either gas or electricity. This option allows you to choose between the power sources you wish to use. You’ll need a mains supply to use electricity, scroll the through the options and choose ‘EL1’ if you’re using a hook-up on the continent, or EL2 if you’re using mains in the UK. Selecting gas allows you to use the on board gas bottles to provide motorhome heating & hot water for the times when no mains power is available.
  • Fan Speed – The last option allows you to adjust the fan speed which pushes the air around within the motorhome. Decrease it by rotating the dial left, increase the speed by rotating the dial clockwise and as before, push the dial to select the desired option.


Controlling Motorhome Heating & Hot Water – Easy When You Know How

The Truma panel is straightforward to use and should make controlling motorhome heating and hot water a breeze, but if you’re in need of a little extra guidance or are experiencing any difficulty using it, contact us and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.