Should you hire a motorhome for a festival? Motorhomes Vs Tents

Can I hire a motorhome for a festival?

You most certainly can! if you’re wondering whether you should hire a motorhome for a festival then we have one question or you – why wouldn’t you? Whether or not you’re a veteran of the festival scene, you’re bound to have seen scenes from various festivals in the media, including waterlogged tents and muddy mires left in the their aftermath. You’re bound to know people who’ve ended up leaving their tents and half their belongings behind due to them being half submerged in mud. That’d put a dampener, quite literally, on anyone’s weekend! So why not pick a better option?

Make no mistake, camping in a tent at a festival can be a great experience, it’s just not the best experience and you didn’t spend all year waiting for festival season only to accept second best when you get there! For the ultimate festival experience, you need to upgrade your accommodation and there’s no better way to travel to a festival and rest your weary head after a day (or night) of partying than to sleep in proper bed.


Hiring a motorhome for a festival vs staying in a tent

When it comes to getting the best experience at a festival, whether than be festival camping at Glastonbury 2019, Leeds & Reading, Kendal Calling, Download or any other, there’s no comparison between arranging a motorhome for a festival or taking a tent. But if you need a little more convincing, why not compare the two side by side.

  • Travel – If you’re travelling to a festival in a motorhome, you can get yourself set up before setting off. Load your motorhome up with everything and everyone you need and stow it neatly. The journey down to the festival will be fun and relaxed, with plenty of space for all travelers. If you’re staying in a tent however, you’ll have to carry your tent, all your supplies and everything else you’ll need. If you’re travelling by car with friends, all your luggage will come with you and it’ll most likely be a bit cramped to say the least!
  • Arriving at the festival – In a motorhome, in most circumstances, you’ll already have a pitch booked and will simply need to arrive and be directed to it. Roll up, park up and you’re set up. In a tent, you’ll have a parking space no doubt, but that’ll be miles away, so you’ll have to unload the car, carry all your gear, walk for ages and join the queue to get in. How heavy is a crate of beer again? Find a pitch, hope it’s not near a toilet or the bottom of a hill and set up your tent. Whose job was it to remember the pegs?
  • Getting some rest – We’ve already mentioned that the beds in a motorhome are soft (and they are) but also bear in mind that there’s a little insulation in a motorhome which will help make things a bit quieter when you want to sleep. If you need a little chillout time, whenever you feel like it, you can sit in your own lounge, watching your own tv if you like, or, if you’ve brought along some camping chairs, break them out and watch the world go by. In a tent, you’re at the mercy of your fellow festival-goers when it comes to sleep, canvas doesn’t block out the noise all that well and unless you’ve brought a decent ground mat or dragged along a camping bed, comfort isn’t guaranteed! While you can also bring camping chairs in a tent, they just add to the collection of stuff you have to drag to the tent.
  • Enduring The Weather – Whether it’s sticky and hot, or a torrential downpour, you have fans, windows to open and your own central heating system in a motorhome. In a tent, try to pitch at the top of a hill and your bedding might be dry when it’s time to sleep. That’s it!
  • Getting Ready to Party – In a motorhome, you have your own bedroom to get ready in, with a wardrobe, mirror, light and curtains to provide some privacy. In a tent, if it’s big enough, you might have room to stand up, but you’ll either have to get ready half stooped by torchlight, or with the tent open to let the light in and hope no-one’s passing!
  • Security – A motorhome is fully lockable. That’s not to say that they’re impervious to being broken into, but a locked up, fully alarmed motorhome isn’t an easy target for opportunists. Tents however are far easier to ‘borrow’ from. Whether it’s the old “oh sorry wrong tent” ruse, or the grab a bag and run tactic, there are, sadly, those who will take advantage of an unguarded tent and you can’t be around all the time.
  • Eating and Drinking – There are some festivals where the food and drink are good quality and reasonably priced (hat tip to Glastonbury), but this isn’t always the case. In a motorhome you get to bring along whatever you like and you have the facilities onboard in the fully equipped kitchen (which includes a fridge for perishable food and beer) to prepare food whenever you want.  In a tent, while you can prepare your own food, that means carting the food and means of preparing it with you and your options are somewhat limited.
  • ‘Ablutions’ – Festival toilets are a necessary evil and after just a few hours, evil is just how they smell. If you’re in a tent and need to ‘go’, join the queue and hope the previous user didn’t leave it too messy. The same goes for showers. In a motorhome however, you have your own loo and shower – ’nuff said!
  • The trip home – With the sounds of the festival still ringing in your ears, the trip home in a motorhome is just as stress free as your arrival. Simply get in, strap in and go (unless you want to freshen up in your own shower first). As you leave, you’ll probably be driving past the tent dwellers, so spare a thought for the as they’re still either abandoning their gear, or packing it up and lugging it all the way back their cars, through the slow moving crowd of other campers all doing the same thing.

There’s still time to hire a Priory Motorhome for a Festival

If you’ve not yet upgraded your festival experience by booking a motorhome for a festival you’re attending, then why not take the plunge? Contact us to check for availability as soon as possible and make sure that the festival you’re attending has available pitches for motorhomes. if you’re fast (and with a bit of a luck) there may still be time to make your festival experience one to remember for all the right reasons!