How a motorhome can make your skiing break more affordable


A Priory motorhome is a faithful companion for any adventure you might want to experience. Have you thought about taking one skiing?  With a little thought, you’ll be amazed at how these luxurious and versatile vehicles can make your European excursions as enjoyable as they are affordable.

Skiing is a fabulous experience and its devotees can’t get enough of the white stuff when winter arrives. It is, however, an expensive thing to do regularly. Considering the flights, the accommodation and the gear, very little about a skiing holiday is cheap. For the savvy skier, however, it IS possible to ski for less.

If the lure of the mountain too strong to resist, then why not swap a flight followed by a stay in a pokey chalet, for a road trip in a luxury motorhome and a space on a purpose-built campsite? If you compare the price of those two options, you’ll be amazed at how affordable your ski trips can be.


No Limit on your luggage

One of the best things about driving instead of flying is that there’s no limit on your luggage. If you can’t decide which of your favourite outfits to take along, then don’t decide, just take the lot. After all, you’re going to need a lot of bulky clothing in the cold. There’ll be no endless queuing at terminals, no baggage checks and no feeling weirdly guilty at customs. Just pack up, strap in and go. If you fancy stopping along the way and checking out an interesting village, you can. It’s all part of the motorhome experience!


The issue of insulation

If you’re going somewhere skiing, you’ll need snow. For snow, you need it to be cold. If it’s cold, you’ll need a well-insulated motorhome. While a well-prepared motorhome is perfectly capable of keeping its occupants cosy in the winter, it pays to prepare in advance for extended periods of cold weather camping. When discussing your booking with us, please let us know you’re planning a ski trip. We can advise you of the best motorhomes for the job and how to avoid a frozen water tank and/or toilet cassette.

Compulsory equipment on the continent

Not every country has the same rules with regard driving in wintry conditions. It’s important therefore to prepare yourself to comply with local laws. Research the rules of your destination country (and any you’ll pass through on the way). It’s important to pay particular attention to the laws governing the use of winter tyres and snow chains. Winter tyres aren’t always a requirement, but on the continent, it’s frequently mandatory to carry snow chains and use them when appropriate. If this is the case where you’re planning to go, once again, please speak to us for advice.


Driving in wintry conditions

One of the things typically done very well on the continent is preparing the roads for icy conditions. The UK highways agency would do well to learn from the example of our continental cousins. Having said that, not every road will be treated especially off the beaten track, so be prepared for less than perfect conditions and make sure you drive accordingly.

We’ve previously gone into some detail on the subject of driving a motorhome in adverse conditions and it’s well worth your time to familiarise yourself with some of the points raised.


We’d be delighted to see where you get to on your motorhome adventures and happy to give you advice on making your ski expeditions more memorable. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.