The Benefits of Owning a Motorhome

Why owning a motorhome of your own makes sense

They say a change is as good as a rest and no matter how brief, a trip away from the familiar four walls of home, to explore, to adventure and to see the world from a different perspective, is a welcome change that many seek out as often as they’re able.

Day to day life can often be all about retreading your usual routine as you go about the business of following your regular schedule so that you can get the things you need to do done and earn enough to continue doing so.

Getting off the day to day treadmill and living life, without a plan, even if only briefly, can be enough to make you remember that you exist for far more than to continue existing and that real living is being able to do as you please once in a while.

While hiring a luxury motorhome (from Priory Rentals of course) allows you come and go as you please and to explore as the mood takes you, there is still a little planning required in the booking process, a stage which could easily be removed if you owned your own motorhome.

If you’re thinking about owning a motorhome of your own, or even if you’re wondering whether or not you should, why not check out the following reasons why you definitely should consider owning a motorhome and see if they can get you off the fence and into the driving seat of your very own adventure machine.


Why should you own a motorhome?

  • No booking required – We love our fabulous customers and we won’t pretend that we’re not going to miss taking your bookings, but if you take the plunge and drive off for the last time in one of our ex-rental motorhomes, then we’ll wish you well and be happy for you that you’ll never again need to book a motorhome before going on an adventure.
  • It works out cheaper – While the initial purchase of a motorhome is a tidy sum, (we can help with finance for ex-rentals by the way) you’ll soon start to notice the savings mount up, especially if you’re a regular hirer. You’ll never need a booking fee or deposit again and consequently, you’ll be able to travel even more than usual. This is especially effective if you have a family as the costs of travel and accommodation are now taken care of permanently.
  • Adventure at the drop of a hat – No matter how many luxury motorhomes we buy, there are always times when we don’t have one available when someone calls at short notice. If you’ve found yourself with a few days on your hands you didn’t expect to have, owning a motorhome guarantees that you can take a spontaneous trip whenever and wherever you feel like at a moment’s notice.
  • No more special arrangements for your four-legged friends – At Priory Rentals, you likely already know that we have pet friendly motorhomes available for hire, but there are extra considerations to be made when booking them. With your own motorhome however, nothing extra is required, just load up your pet and go!
  • Combine your break with your day job – If you have a job you can do from home, then consider where else you could do it from. Many jobs require only a laptop and a wifi connection, so if that’s true for you, you could work from practically anywhere and join the ‘Remoters’, ‘Vanlifers’ and ‘Nomads’ already combining leisure travel with their day job.
  • Even More Freedom – While motorhome travel is the ultimate in terms of travelling freedom, owning a motorhome rather than renting offers even more freedom. When you book a motorhome, you’ll, unfortunately, have to return it at some point, so spontaneously deciding to stay for a few more nights or even a week might not be a viable option in a rented motorhome. If it’s your own however, stay as long as you like!
  • Make your motorhome your own – Our luxury motorhomes come equipped with all the creature comforts you’ll need for your adventure, but you’re not able to put your own ‘stamp’ on them. With your own motorhome, however, you can personalise and customise to your hearts content and make it truly your own. If you want to swap the curtains for purple ones, we won’t judge.


Where can I buy a motorhome?

There are lots of places you can buy a motorhome. New – from various manufacturers and used – (or VERY used) from private sellers, plus online vehicle listings and specialist motorhome dealers.

As with any motor vehicle, especially if you’re buying used, it’s important to be absolutely sure about the motorhome you’re intending to buy. Even at the cheaper end of the spectrum, a motorhome is a substantial purchase and as well as the usual vehicular mechanicals to consider, there’re the additional fixtures, fittings and utilities which make the vehicle a motorhome to consider.

The safest option, is, of course, buying new, but these are often extremely expensive. On the opposite side of things, you’d need to be sure that the ‘bargain’ motorhome you’re considering from the newspaper ad isn’t hiding costly surprises you’ll discover later. On the road halfway across the continent.

As with many things, the best option is to compromise. At Priory, we invest in only the very best and very latest motorhomes for our customers. We only have so much space to store them though, which means our older models, which have been well looked after and meticulously maintained, need to find homes of their own to make way for new deliveries.

What we consider our ‘older models’ would be considered ‘nearly new’ anywhere else. Most of our outgoing motorhomes have fewer than 40,000 miles on the clock and are less than three years old. Most motorhomes are built on heavy-duty commercial chassis, which would be considered to be barely ‘run in’ by this age and mileage. Despite this we’re offering our ex-rental motorhomes for sale in some cases with £10,000 – £15,000 off the price when new, which is a bargain by anyone’s estimation.


If you’re considering taking the plunge, check out our Motorhomes For Sale page and be prepared to act fast – once they’re gone, they’re gone!