What are the best value motorhomes I can buy?

What Are The Best Value Motorhomes For Sale?

At Priory Rentals, while we’re in the business of motorhome hire, we regularly buy new models and with regret, sell the ones we don’t have space for, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about what makes the best value motorhomes.

Buying a motorhome is a big commitment and it’s likely that, after your house, it’ll be the priciest thing you own, so it’s natural that you want to do your research first and find out about which will be the best value motorhomes for you in your particular circumstances.


The Best Value Motorhomes aren’t usually the Cheapest Motorhomes

Fans of Top Gear will no doubt remember, in 2005,  Clarkson, Hammond & May were set the challenge of finding out if it was possible to buy a cheap supercar (For less than £10,000). The conclusion, after an episode filled with mechanical problems, failures and breakdowns, was that although you could, you really shouldn’t. The same is true of motorhomes and for the same reasons.

A scan of any classified ads featuring motorhomes is likely to turn up some really very cheap models. Some a little ‘too’ cheap. Motorhomes, even older ones are still big purchases and if the price seems a bit too reasonable, then be very suspicious of the reason.

Motorhomes, even older ones, are a complicated combination of things. For one, there are the mechanical underpinnings, which depending on the age of the model may well be based on an ancient commercial chassis. Bear in mind that older vehicles aren’t nearly as reliable, efficient, or indeed corrosion resistant as they are today.

Secondly there’s the living area, containing, as it does, everything you’d expect in a house. If the motorhome is 20 years old, that means it could be 20 years since any of the fixings, fixtures, upholstery etc has been replaced. There could be 20 year old wiring that’s now old and brittle, 20 year old plumbing just a few bumpy roads away from leaking and 20 year old door and window seals which are so perished they’re no longer watertight. Add to this, the interior is almost certainly well past its best. With broken hinges, scratched surfaces, faded and stained upholstery being only what you can see on the surface. Can this be put right? Certainly! But it’ll cost you both time and money, not to mention the constant worry about something you didn’t spot going catastrophically wrong when you’re out travelling.

If you add the cost of the cheap motorhome you’re considering, to the cost of bringing it up to standard, you probably wouldn’t buy one. So don’t!


The Best Value Motorhomes aren’t the Brand New Motorhomes either

At Priory Rentals we only buy brand new motorhomes straight from the manufacturers, so you might think it odd that we’re saying they aren’t the best value motorhomes. It’s a fair point, glad you made it!

While buying a brand new motorhome fresh off the production line allows you the privilege of being the one and only owner, of ‘cracking the leather’ and experiencing that ‘new car smell’, it also means that you’ll pay full price for your pride and joy as well as suffer the full effect of its depreciation. As a business, we, of course also have that, however, without getting too technical, being a business means that we can offset some of that depreciation, so we feel it less and consequently, that’s why we’re able to sell our ex-rental motorhomes when we do and for the price we do. It’s more cost effective for us, it’s better for motorhome hirers as they’re always assured of renting the very newest motorhomes and it’s better for buyers as they get to buy nearly new motorhomes for less than market value – everyone wins!


The Best Value Motorhomes are Priory Ex-Rental Motorhomes

As you’ve probably guessed, the best value motorhomes you’re likely to buy are those from our collection of ex-rentals. Typically less than three years old (some less than a year old) and with far fewer miles on the clock than you’d expect for the price, an Ex-rental motorhome from us represents a great deal. We’ve already taken the worst of the depreciation for you and these strong, modern models are barely run in, allowing you, the lucky buyer, the chance to own a high spec’ modern motorhome for much less than a new one would cost and probably for less than the ‘cheap’ one you saw in the newspaper will end up costing you in the long run!


Check out our constantly changing collection of ex-rental motorhomes for sale and get ready to act fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!