Everyone has a different idea of their perfect motorhome holiday, so to accommodate everyone we have an extensive range of motorhomes available to hire.

Pet Friendly Motorhomes


We understand that if you are looking to be able to book a get away in a motorhome, then you are going to need to be able to take the whole family, including the dog. However, not all of our motorhomes are suitable for pets simply because of their layout and interior and we would not want to put the fury friend in this position.

For this reason, we have a few motorhomes ranging in size that are pet friendly and will allow you to bring the fury friend along with you without the dog feeling uncomfortable or confined.

A perfect example of a motorhome that you can bring the your pet along with you is the;Devon Aztec 2.2 HDi this motorhome is perfect for you and your partner as well as your pets along for the trip, as it is a two-birth motorhome that comes in around £71 a day. If you are looking for a motorhome much larger then the Roller Team Auto Roller 746 may be another good option. This motorhome is a six-birth and is equipped a bike rack on the rear and ample storage room within the motorhome to fit everybody’s belongings and bring along some treats for the four legged friend. Look at one of our pet friendly motorhomes to see if it interests you.

The Easy Going Motorhome


There is no doubt that the VW Auto Sleeper Trident camper van conversion, with its trademark sleek, aerodynamic, high top roof, is a vehicle for the 21st century.  It’s a car, a support vehicle, a workhorse, and a home from home.  The Trident is a compact camper van for all of the excitement that awaits.. Its low price and simplicity to drive make it perfect for long halls. The main reason being it is small compared to other camper vans so can be parked roadside, taken into cities and parked in a parking bay. All of which is made easy due to its compact size.

It is also the favourite for photographers who will be travelling to distance and hard to reach locations, the VW camper offers a more rigid and rich driving experience and brings you closer to your surroundings and outdoors.

Luxury Motorhome


Although all of our motorhomes have a luxurious nature, a small few take luxury to all new heights. The Swift Kon-Tiki 649 boasts luxury in all areas. It holds a full inventory of essentials such as cutlery and breakdown kits and even the bike rack on the rear to bring everything you could possibly need. The motorhome is a very spacious 28 feet” in length, this gives you more than enough room to be able to manoeuvre and relax with plenty of space for storage and relaxing comfortably. This motorhome is available from as little as £112 a day.

You can also view our newest motorhomes available from 2016 if you want the most up to date motorhome for your camping holiday.