Motorhome hire in Yorkshire and beyond is becoming more and more popular with our regular customers. The untamed beauty of the Dales, coupled with history, heritage, woodlands and interesting towns and cities, it is not wonder Yorkshire has become such a popular UK destination. We have 7 popular motorhome sites in Yorkshire for you.

At Priory Rentals we have sourced the best Motorhome campsites for Motorhome Hire in Yorkshire, in no particular order, so you can see some of the best caravan sites Yorkshire has to offer.

The Riverside Camping Site

riverside camping yorkshire motorhome sites in yorkshire

On the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire is a hub for the explorer within. You couldn’t get much more rural then the southern hills and moors. However, then to the north is the small village of Bentham with the locally sourced Yorkshire sandstone buildings for that themed appeal, with some local amenities such as a ATM and a shop or two. The local attractions consisting of pot holing and the  “big rock” view, from where you can look out over Yorkshire and Lancaster. The site its self has other activities such as fishing, biking, golf and walking in the moors. The location, as you could have guessed, is on a river bank overlooking the “moulter beck” river, it’s a short drive from the M6 making it just far enough to escape the noise but just close enough to be convenient. It would seem that this site has a little something for everyone.

Scarborough camping and caravanning site

scarborough camping motorhome sites in yorkshire

This 5 star site has every possible facility that a motor home holiday maker would want. To be able to cater to your every need easily and efficiently. It is also only a mere 5 minute walk to a secluded beach on Scarborough’s rugged coastline. The site literally has everything for all ages, ranging from a playground for the young, to a football pitch for the teenagers, to a whole national park bordering it for the older generations who prefer the quiet open outdoors.

The site even has a small take away chip shop and a very welcoming pub called the “Crown Carvery” which is renown, even in the seaside town of Scarborough, for being one of the best. If all this wasn’t enough, the sea side town of Scarborough holds many attractions such as Scarborough Castle, Peasholm Park and Scarborough open air theatre (which has a amazing atmosphere in the summer).

Burton Constable Holiday park and arboretum

Burton Constable Holiday park and arboretum motorhome sites in yorkshire
This slightly modernised caravan site is a great choice. Although modernised, this site is still very much a historical site indeed. As a site, it is strongly aimed toward the older generation and I would advise not taking it up for a family holiday. It houses a old castle, woodland walks in and around the local land in the dense Yorkshire oak woodland and a lakeside bar with a cafe and amenities,  a walled garden primed for explorations, a arboretum to wonder through and a  nearby beach, which is beautifully secluded for those long walks on the Yorkshire coast.

Located a few miles out of the seaside town of hull, it should be very easy to find. The city of hull has a fair few attractions for a day out into the town its self. for example, Fort Paul, Arctic Corsair and Viking way. all of which are very popular to tourists who visit the town.

St. Helens in the park

st helens in the park yorkshire motorhome sites in yorkshire
St Helens in the park is not only offering a great service and range of activities, but the Motorhomes pitch is actually above a old ruin. Some of the onsite buildings and foundations even date back thousands of years and finally There is even evidence to suggest that it was the site of a Iron Age Settlement. But wait! there’s more! They have even been renown for sharing their stories of world war two combat, local military presence and strategy with guests. This makes this site perfect for the historian within us all.

The site isn’t all history and heritage it has won five awards in the last 4 years ranging from “Calorgas’ best park in the north of England” to “practical caravans best in the northeast”. It is located on the A170 south side of the Yorkshire moors, making it simple and easy to find. This holiday is perfect for the older couple or intrepid family alike.

Rudding Holiday Resort

rudding holiday resort motorhome sites in yorkshire

This holiday resort is one of a kind. This out of the way family ran park has all the usual facilities but is a little more out of the wilderness. Offering rural pubs, restaurants, bars, gyms, spa and even a swimming pool. This would be the choice for any holiday maker who has to take the children with them. It would also be perfect for a younger couple with the romantic and breath taking Yorkshire country.

The site is located on the outskirts of Harrogate, making it easy to find and good for a day out into the historical upper-class town its self. The site has a golf club on site open to guests for free and costing money for member ships for non guests. Unfortunately if you are the Motorhomes holiday maker, who likes a bit more of a rural in the sticks holiday, it won’t be for you I’m afraid but is the perfect get away for the average family gunning for a British holiday away with the kids.

Golden Square Caravan Park

golden square caravan park motorhome sites in yorkshire
If the sea air isn’t what you want then there are always inland stays. Sites such as the outstanding Golden Square Caravan Park which has won awards from the AA for the best camp site in Northwest England for two consecutive years, soon to be three. This family and dog friendly site truly has something for everyone.

The Marvell of a holiday that is Golden Square is a lot more expensive, coming on average around 30 pound a night plus fees for extra adults. However, with all the events the site holds, the facilities that are free, the extent of welcoming friendly nature of the staff and the locals in the area, well… You will 100 percent get your money’s worth out of this holiday. The site is located just off the A170. This puts it in the rural, Salmon’s Wood, area of North York Moors National park. Making it a absolute gem for the older generations who are keen on exploring into the heart of Yorkshires beautiful countryside.

Cote Ghyll

cote ghyll yorkshire motorhome sites in yorkshire
Then Cote Ghyll, a personal favourite in the office. This has got to be one of the most wooded and forested sites in Yorkshire. Making it something I adore! If you are at one with nature an woodland this is certainly for you. It has all the key amenities with free Wi-Fi and a shop that is stocked every night, making sure you will never find yourself stuck in a bad situation. The local woodland stream runs through the park for a added aesthetic to the whole image the park radiates. Aided with the Yorkshire sandstone wall dividers and the old sand stone reception building, then finally the old harry potter themed railway. This site its self it truly a beautiful work of art.

It is a perfect place to take the grandkids or for a older persons little retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the secluded forested area. This little citadel of beauty, defending against the troubles of the outside world, is tucked away in the north Yorkshire Moors National Park region. however, it is easily accessible by driving on the A172.

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