Glastonbury Festival is a legendary celebration of music and culture that attracts thousands of music enthusiasts from around the world. If you’re planning to attend this iconic event, why not take your experience to the next level by renting a campervan? You can easily travel to Glastonbury Festival in a campervan if you don’t feel like consuming warm wine or sleeping in a tent. So when do Glastonbury campervan tickets go on sale? What kind of tickets must you purchase? What should you bring? We’ll go over all the details of driving a campervan to Glastonbury. You only need to locate your wellies, gather your belongings, and get ready for the most amazing week of your life.

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When do campervan tickets for Glastonbury go on sale?

It has been very recently announced that Glastonbury Festival tickets will go on sale in early November. However, you must be registered beforehand to purchase tickets and the registration window closes on October 30th at 5pm. So be quick! You can register here, Typically, campervan tickets are available during the regular ticket sales. Because there is a strong demand and limited availability, be sure to get your campervan ticket as soon as possible.

Glastonbury campervan tickets are non-transferable and will include the name and address of the booker, just like with festival tickets. Additionally, you must complete the legitimate resale process through Glastonbury if you are unable to attend.

Which campervans am I allowed to bring to Glastonbury Festival?

For Glastonbury, there are four distinct kinds of campervan areas and tickets:

  1. East Quiet Campervans/ Hired, Delivered Vehicle Pitches (Blue route): This pitch measures up to 8m by 7m. It can accommodate vehicles up to 8 metres in length. Families, people with mobility challenges, and those seeking a quieter field would all benefit from one of these pitches.
  2. East General Campervans (Blue route): This pitch measures up to 8m by 7m. It can accommodate vehicles up to 8 metres in length. With the exception of the noise regulations, it is essentially the same as the first option of the pitches available.
  3. Bath & West Campervans Regular Pitch (White route): This pitch measures up to 8m by 7m. It can accommodate vehicles up to 8 metres in length. With a free shuttle bus service running around the clock to the festival grounds, it is situated at the Bath & West Showground. Thus, it is essentially identical to the second alternative but is located farther from the event grounds.
  4. Bath & West Campervans Large Pitch (White route): This pitch measures up to 16m x 7m. It is appropriate for vehicles longer than 8 metres. With a free shuttle bus service running around the clock to the festival grounds, it is situated at the Bath & West Showground.

Small campervans, such as Volkswagens, can choose from the first three options. However, you must select option 4 if you are renting a larger motorhome, such as one of our six-berth models. Double-checking your campervan’s or motorhome’s measurements in advance is critical to avoid being turned away when you arrive.

The campervan field will only accept campers or caravans equipped with sleeping, washing, and cooking amenities. All of our motorhome and campervans will have these facilities and amenities, so your mind can be put at rest. Check out our motorhome hire page for more details on each model we have available.

What places do I go to rent a campervan for Glastonbury?

Here at Priory Rentals, you can rent a campervan or motorhome for the Glastonbury Festival. Simply find your preferred motorhome and fill in the enquiry form and we will provide you with a rental quote.

When making your enquiry, make sure to explain your plans so we are aware of where the motorhome will be going during your rental period. We may even have further suggestions on what to bring and how to make your festival experience even better!

Arriving in a campervan or motorhome at Glastonbury

The campervan fields are open every Tuesday at noon and every Sunday at 14:00. You cannot go to the field before this, so make sure it coincides with the time you agreed upon with us for you to pickup your campervan or motorhome rental.

Since pitches are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early to get a decent place. You’ll want to be there early enough to make sure that this is possible, especially if you want to park next to your friends who have another campervan or motorhome. Since pitches cannot be reserved in advance, you must arrive together.

In order to build up a cosy small camping setup, you are permitted to set up your awning as long as it fits within your pitch. Refrain from rushing out to the festivities and instead set up everything you’ll need for the evening. We recommend getting everything organised right away.

You can get to the festival in only 10 minutes from your pitch, so you’ll be prepared for a full day of Glastonbury fun!

What should I pack in my campervan rental for Glastonbury?

It’s important to carry the following items:

  • Pillows and sheets
  • If necessary, ice trays for your freezer
  • Camping equipment
  • Rental details as well as emergency contacts
  • Travel fan
  • Towels
  • Brush and dustpan

It’s important to take into account the amenities offered at the festival campsite. Water, trash cans, restrooms, and a food vendor are all available around-the-clock. Field users are not provided with energy, so bring power banks that you can recharge at charging stations at the event or at the outlets in your van.

Tips for travelling to Glastonbury with a campervan or motorhome

  • Before you buy your Glastonbury campervan tickets, decide what kind of campervan or motorhome you want to rent out. As this cannot be changed afterwards, it guarantees that you know whether you need a huge or regular pitch. You must therefore be aware of the number of guests that will be staying in your rental motorhome or campervan
  • Make a reservation for a campervan. Make sure your van is ready in advance because these are very popular times for renting a motorhome. Making last-minute reservations will be challenging, if not near impossible
  • Verify that you are qualified to hire and operate a campervan or motorhome and that you have the appropriate C1 driving license category. Before you confirm your reservation, make sure of this.
  • Are you anxious about driving a bigger motorhome? checkout our blog post on driving a motorhome for the first time for further tips and tricks
  • As soon as you get there, put everything in its proper position; otherwise, the van will quickly get disorganised. Utilise advantage of the storage space that campervans and motorhomes offer! To prevent waking up other people, place any items you might require in the evening close to the bed(s).
  • Make use of the refrigerator and, occasionally, the freezer if your motorhome is equipped with one. If you can, prepare ice cubes and a lot of water. This is crucial if Glastonbury is held during warm or hot weather. Hang a damp towel outside an open window to help cool your motorhome rental.
  • Packing your outfits for each day individually is a helpful packing tip. They can all be placed individually in a ziplock bag or packing cube. By doing this, you may immediately get what you need without having to go through the entire cabinet.
  • Before leaving for the festival, make sure your campervan or motorhome rental is securely locked and that all windows are closed.

You are now prepared to conquer Glastonbury in a campervan rental in 2024! The 2024 Glastonbury Festival starts 26th June to 30th June 2024 so start considering your motorhome or campervan rental now! You won’t want to travel to a festival without a campervan after you’ve experienced its comfort. When you have a charming small home on wheels to come home to each evening, attending festivals doesn’t have to require sleeping on the ground or feeling continuously dirty.

For Glastonbury 2024, it’s time to rent a campervan or motorhome and start the festival trip of a lifetime!