motorhome and awning

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When setting up your pitch at a campsite or even wild camping many motorhome hirers also like to add awnings to give them a bit more space, or shelter when sitting outside.

What Is An Awning?

An Awning is typically a piece of waterproof material such as a canvas that overhangs from the side of a caravan or motorhome. They are beneficial as space can be quite limited in a motorhome so if you feel you need a bit more living space then an awning can be ideal.

Awnings are temporary set ups similar to a tent and most campsites allow plenty of space for them.

Types Of Awning

Full Awning

A full awning can almost double the living space of your motorhome, depending on the style and size these are as big as many large 6 person tents and attach to the side of the motorhome.

A full awning acts in a similar way to a tent so it is advisable to use a groundsheet with this as a full awning is treated almost like an extension to your home.

As a full awning acts like a standalone tent it does not need the motorhome for structural support, this can be very useful if you want to take your motorhome to explore but also have a base for other members of the group/family as you can drive away from the awning leaving it fully standing and supported by its own poles.

Porch Awning

Porch awnings act in the same way as a full awning however are smaller and quicker to erect so are a hassle free solution for extra space.

They are great for leaving things like sports equipment out of the motorhome and depending on the style they can be drive away therefore allowing you a lot of freedom without having to take absolutely everything with you.

Canopy Awning

Unlike the full awning and the porch awning, the canopy awning relies on the motorhome for support. It offers extra comfort and share rather than an enclosed space so will not add to storage or sleeping space.

The canopy awning is great for al fresco dining and protecting you from the sun or rain whilst still being able to sit outside.