Norway in a Motorhome - A Very Nordic Adventure

Travelling to Norway in a Motorhome

Motorhome hire is a great way to spend even a short break, but if you have longer to spend travelling, then you need a destination worthy of the trip and we can think of few better ways to get the most out of your adventure than going on an epic roadtrip to Norway in a Motorhome.

Currently there’s no direct passenger ferry from the UK to Norway and freight ferries don’t allow non-commercial vehicles, so that means you’ll have to take the long way round, skip across the channel and then head North by road.

The route to Oslo in Norway from Calais in France is a wonderful journey by road. Naturally you’ll start in France , but you’ll soon find yourself travelling across the north coast of Belgium, pass right through the middle of the Netherlands before heading across North West Germany. Once you’ve arrived in Hamburburg, you might choose to head North into Denmark which will result in a ferry crossing in the north to get to Norway, or alternatively, take a small series of island hops by ferry to get to Sweden and travel along its west coast and arrive in Norway by road.

However you get there, you’ll need about a day’s travelling time to travel from Calais to Noway in a motorhome, but with so much to see and experience along the way, you might allow yourself several days to truly experience the different feel of all the countries you pass through along the way. This is definitely a case of the journey being as much of a joy as the destination. With Europe being so full of Motorhome Aires (a network of free stopovers designed with motorhomes in mind), you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to spend the night while on your way to Norway in a motorhome.


Why Travel to Norway in a Motorhome?

If you’re a skiing enthusiast then travelling to Norway in a motorhome is a fabulous way to get the most out of a skiing holiday, but otherwise, going in warmer months will allow you far more freedom to explore this beautiful country as all the roads will be open.

Norway itself is a huge country with a very small population and motorhome travel is exceptionally popular there. This means that it’s an especially well organised place when it come to touring by motorhome. Naturally, your main destinations might be Oslo or Bergin, but you’d be silly not to take the scenic route to either and when all’s said and done, finding a route that isn’t scenic is all but impossible.

The scenery in Norway just has to be seen to be believed. It’s easy to see how a country with such fantasy landscapes gave birth to legends and mythology including Norse Gods, trolls and other Viking legends.


Driving around Norway in a Motorhome

Driving in Norway is a relaxing affair and the speed limits are far lower than you might find in other countries, which makes motorhome travel far more enjoyable as you’re less likely to feel the pressure of traffic building up behind you wanting to overtake on winding roads. As well as having lower speed limits, the speeding fines in Norway are amongst the highest in Europe with lots of unmarked vehicles enforcing them, so, once again, the relaxing experience of driving a motorhome is the best way to stay on the right side of the law!

For those of us unused to driving outside the UK, the frequency of road tolls found in Europe might take some getting used to (make sure you have someone in the passenger seat to make payments at toll booths designed for left hand drive vehicles). For spending time in Norway however, it’s worthwhile registering with EPC (Euro Parking Collection) to streamline the payment of tolls.


Visit Norway in a Motorhome from Priory Rentals

An epic road trip to a land of legend needs an epic motorhome to travel in. Fortunately, epic motorhomes make up our entire fleet, so no matter what your requirements, we’ll have a model that’s perfect for your family and for your budget.

Contact us today to make your booking and get ready to make your own legendary journey to Norway in a Motorhome!