Top Reasons to Hire a Motorhome For The First Time

What Are The Best Reasons to Hire a Motorhome?

At Priory Rentals, we’ve been in the motorhome hire business for so long, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that there really are people who’ve not yet had the pleasure of unlimited adventure on the open road. Who’ve not yet experienced the joy of waking up to a different view every day, or following their hearts instead of an itinerary. We do understand that worrying about the unknown can sometimes get in the way, so we thought we’d go through some of the top reasons to hire a motorhome for those thinking about taking the plunge for the first time.


Motorhomes are cheaper than hotels – They really are. of course you could probably find a B&B that charges less per night, however, you’d need to compare like with like to make a fair comparison. If you find a hotel room, with the usual bed, TV and bathroom, plus a lounge, plus a fully equipped kitchen etc you’ll be starting to approach the facilities on offer in a motorhome and have likely already exceeded the cost of hiring one.

Motorhomes aren’t hard to drive – if you can drive a car, you can drive a motorhome. The controls are the same as what you’re used to and there ae additional driver aids and a better driving position too. If you’ve never driven a motorhome before, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to adjust.

Motorhomes allow true freedom – Whenever you go on holiday, or on a weekend break, there are always some restrictions. If you book a hotel, that’s your base of operations and you’re generally restricted to visiting places within easy reach. in a motorhome, your accommodation travels with you, so while you still need to travel ‘there’ to get where you’re going, there’s no need to go ‘back’. Either stick around for longer, or find your next ‘there’, making the best use of your holiday time.

No Real Luggage Restrictions – Wherever you travel for a break, there’s always that compromise between what you want to take with you and what your luggage allowance/bootspace will permit. Not so in a motorhome. If you want to take the contents of your wardrobe with you, go right ahead, there’s a wardrobe on board. If you have hobbies to indulge, strap your surfboard to the roof, mount your bike on the rack and stow your SCUBA gear in the lockers, there’s space for it all. Love your jetski? No problem, attach its trailer to the towbar!

Choose your own view – There’s nothing like watching sunsets and sunrises when you’re on holiday, of finding the most picturesque views and most inspiring beauty spots. One of the best reasons to hire a motorhome is that you get to choose the views you wake up to each and every day. You can change them as often or as little as you please and you don’t have to pay extra for the privilege.

The Ultimate Package Holiday – Motorhomes are amongst the simplest and most stress free ways to take your family away for a fortnight, a week, or even a weekend. if getting the family from home to your holiday destination is a stressfest much akin to herding cats, then, for you, one of the best reasons to hire a motorhome is that you can dispense with all the hassle of packing, taxi’s, airports and crowds and simply park outside your house and load them up. One on board, there’s a table to sit them at, no restrictions on what they bring and the panic of finding a loo at a moment’s notice are averted – you have one of your own on board!


Reasons to hire a motorhome – why wouldn’t you?

Motorhome hire is incredibly and increasingly popular for a reason. For those who loved camping but want a cleaner, more convenient upgrade it’s perfect. For those looking for a cheap family holiday without compromise, they’re perfect too. For an alternative way to take a break, they’re ideal and for spending time away from the usual four walls and the boredom of routine, there’s nothing to rival them.

If you’ve yet to hire a motorhome, then perhaps of all the reasons to hire a motorhome that might convince you, the fact that so many people do, time and time again, should be some indication of the sheer pleasure to be had experiencing life on the open road, coming and going as you please and rediscovering yourself along the way.

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