Autism Spectrum Disorder - Make a difference and Win a Motorhome Adventure

Help us make the world a little more ‘Ausome’ today

Most of us are aware of Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to give it its full title. It’s not a condition in itself, but an umbrella term for a range of similar conditions which typically affect the way an affected person interacts with and interprets the world around them. Individuals with ASD may communicate, develop and behave a little differently to others and with around one person in every hundred affected, it’s fairly likely you already know a few people who are living with Autism.

Recently, we wrote some practical advice for Mums & Dads about how to make a motorhome adventure less overwhelming for children who happen to be on the Autistic Spectrum which we hope has been useful for those parents whose children experience the world a little differently. We’re proud to be able to go a little further and with your help, we can make a difference to the lives of a very special pair of young ladies.


Support the Girls and Win a Motorhome Adventure

Meet Sadie & Matilda from Accrington. Now six years old, these beautiful twin girls received their ASD diagnosis in between their 2nd and 3rd birthday. For Sadie & Matilda, their autism is manifested in them being non-verbal and with learning difficulties which have delayed their development. As with many people who live with autism, the way they process input from their senses is a little different to the rest of us, leaving them either oversensitive or under-sensitive to external stimuli. For the girls, sensory overload can be extremely distressing and result in challenging behaviour when they are overwhelmed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Make a difference and Win a Motorhome Adventure


To help the girls come to terms and cope better with external stimuli and to provide refuge and safe haven for when the world gets a bit much, we’re doing our bit to help the wonderful Leanne Ward Wick, who has already raised many thousands for the girls, to raise more of the funds needed to build them a sensory room at their home. A safe place which will allow Sadie & Matilda to explore, develop and engage their senses in a familiar environment which feels secure and will go a long way to building them up so they can cope better with the outside world.

Such rooms are very expensive and to help the community already supporting the twins, we’re donating a raffle prize – the hire of one of our four berth luxury motorhomes for three days. Tickets are just £10 each and there only 100 of them, of which two thirds have already been sold.

You may not feel like helping two children is saving the world, but to these two beautiful girls, your help will make a world of difference. After all, it’s not grand gestures, but small acts of kindness which make the world a better place.

Please help us support Sadie & Matilda by buying a raffle ticket and helping us raise the funds to build a sensory room for these beautiful twins. You might just be lucky enough to win a trip in one of our luxury motorhomes, but you’ll definitely help these girls ‘win’ a better quality of life by making the world around them just a bit more tolerable.


Click here to find out more on our Facebook page, or contact us to buy your raffle ticket and make a difference today.