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Priory Veterans – Ex Hire Motorhomes For Sale

At Priory, we pride ourselves on the quality of our motorhome fleet and each year sees many brand new additions to our luxury motorhome hire  fleet. In order to give our customers only the best motorhome hire experience, we retire our ‘veteran vans’ after around four years, usually with mileages so low that anyone else might consider them barely run in.

When we buy a motorhome, we select only the best in terms of features, performance and value for our customers and always have done. For our rental customers, this means, whichever model they choose, they can rely on us to rent out beautifully presented vehicles, still with their factory shine, rather than the tired, worn out older models you might hire elsewhere.

With this constant rotation of our fleet, you might ask what happens to our motorhomes marked for retirement. Simply put, we make them available for sale at around half the original purchase price, representing tremendous value when you consider that what we’d consider to be an older motorhome ready to be put out to pasture, might well be regarded by others as nearly new.


Ex Hire Motorhomes For Sale – Try before you buy

Chances are that you’re an aficionado of motorhome adventure, having spent many happy days and weeks exploring the highways and byways both at home and abroad in one or more of our luxury motorhomes. When your travel itch needs scratching, you know to keep Priory Rentals on your speed dial list and it’s likely we’re so used to seeing you at our offices we know you by name.

If this sounds like you, how would a free motorhome adventure sound? Up until the point of sale, the motorhomes we’ve marked for retirement are still available to hire and if you’re looking to make a permanent place on your drive for an ex rental motorhome, then let us know. Subject to availability and by arrangement only, if you have your eye on one of our motorhomes for sale, we can arrange to hire it out to you as normal, but if you decide to buy that motorhome at the end of the hire, we’ll deduct the cost of that hire from the purchase cost.



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Our fleet is under constant rotation and renewal, so even if you’ve not seen your preferred model in our list of ex hire motorhomes for sale, this list can change at any time, so it’s worth bookmarking our motorhomes for sale page and checking back often. If you see your dream motorhome or even an old friend you’ve hired before, then be quick. With the prices we ask for our retiring motorhomes, they tend to sell very fast, so be prepared to act quickly to avoid disappointment.


Make you next Priory Motorhome hire your last Priory motorhome hire and buy an ex rental motorhome from us. Feel free to get in touch and ask about available models, we promise we’ll miss you just as much as our old motorhome, but equally, we’ll be happy for you both!