Festival Ground

Hiring a Priory Rentals Motorhome out for the weekend and heading off to a festival has become the common thing to do this summer with more and more people setting out to be able to make the most of that big weekend in a comfortable and warm surrounding. Therefore, we have brought you some ways to be able to make the most out of taking a motorhome to a festival along with a few small advantages to be able to get ahead of the other festivalgoers. Take a look!

Advantages to Taking a Motorhome to a Festival

Taking a motorhome to a festival holds a huge range of benefits from warmth to the simplicity factor of being able to drive onto the site and not have to set up a tent and carry around all of your belongings.

Separate Motorhome Tickets

As heading to a festival in a motorhome is such a smart things to do, many people have the same idea and in turn, it can be difficult to be able to get a place on the festival grounds with a motorhome. The only way to be able to do it is to book a motorhome ticket in advance to be able to get you access onto the park. These tickets can usually sell out way ahead of the initial festival so it is important to be able to buy them well in advance to ensure that you have a spot when you arrive and you can make the most of your festival.

Remember however that if you are in a motorhome with an external length that is longer than 7/8 metres then you may be required to purchase two motorhomes tickets as you are taking up two spaces. Therefore, you should always call to check or have a look on the festivals web page to be able to see if they allow motorhomes and check to see what the dimensions of the pitches are.

Drop It > Set It > Collect It

This service is very useful when it comes to heading off to a festival as it allows you to be able to have the motorhome delivered to your location for you to be able to drive from your home to the festival or for the motorhome to be delivered directly to the festival.

Having the motorhome delivered to your home allows you to be able to fill it with everything you will need at your house and in turn, you can simply load up and head out on your motorhome getaway. Whereas having the motorhome delivered to the festival saves you driving as you can simply catch the train to the festival and walk straight through the gates. Avoiding any traffic that usually builds up around festival grounds and avoiding having to go through the usual motorhome security checks, as our staff would have already dropped the motorhome off into its location.

However, if you would rather simply head to our branch and collect the motorhome yourself, this is always an option that people go for and is perfectly understandable.

Warm and Waterproof

Warmth and Waterproof

The great British festivals such as Glastonbury and T in the park seem to always get bothered by British weather and in turn, many festivalgoers can find themselves soaked through and muddy. This means they have to sleep in a wet and muddy tent over night and nobody wants to be able to experience that. So why risk it?

A motorhome completely rids this problem with the ability to get into a nice heated motorhome before taking a warm shower and making some food when the weather gets bad or in-between your favourite acts. In turn, you have a much more enjoyable time heading out in a comfortable motorhome than you would in a tent and you can make the most of your festival experience.

In turn, it is clear to see why a motorhome is the better choice for accommodation at a UK festival.

Festival Motorhome Hacks

So not that we have established that heading to a festival needs a motorhome to be able to make the most of the experience. Here are some ways to be able to get the most from your motorhome whilst you are at the festival.

Lots of Lights

Take Lamps

Motorhomes on festival grounds will usually not be supplied with an electric hook-up or be permitted to use an electricity generator simply due to the noise and costs of these facilities to the festival companies.  Therefore, it is important to be able to bring everything you will need to keep the electricity usage down to be able to be sure you won’t break down when it becomes time to head home.

Taking battery powered lamps and torches is always a good way to be able to save electricity in the motorhomes as it enables you to be able to avoid using the lights that are hooked up to the battery and in turn you can conserve a lot of energy.

Pack Food For Festivals

Stock Up On Food

Taking a motorhome to a festival is a great way to be able to save money when it comes to not having to buy food or drink. You can simply stock up on everything in the motorhome before you head to the festival and in turn, you should be easily within walking distance of a meal throughout the entirety of the weekend which is perfect if you get hungry and don’t want to wait in huge lines for overpriced food. It also means you can get a lot of food in the mornings to be able to fill you up and set you up for the day before heading out into the festival and listing to the various artists.

You can also take drink with you in the motorhome; however, you need to ensure that none of your bottles are glass as these are strictly forbidden on a variety of festival grounds. If you are caught with glass bottles, you can have them confiscated from you or in extreme cases you can be kicked from the festival with no refund as the glass could smash and harm animals that call the festival grounds home throughout the rest of the year.

Take a Water Roller

Water Rollers are small water containers that allow you to be able to fill them up to the top with water and roll them around on the handle. This enables you to be able to take large amounts of water from the water point to your motorhome as you are not allowed to leave your pitch throughout the day and doing so could see you thrown off the park.

If you bring a water roller you can fill it up and siphon it into your motorhome water tank to be able to refill the water supply for your sink, shower and toilet and in turn you won’t have to ration the water as much as those who don’t bring a water roller.

If you are now considering taking a motorhome to a festival then look through our range of motorhomes for hire to see if we have anything for you?