2018 Luxury Motorhome Pegaso 740

Just Arrived – The Roller Team Pegaso 740

At Priory Rentals, our fleet of luxury motorhomes is second to none. The majority of our models are less than four years old and we constantly refresh our fleet so that our customers get to enjoy the very latest in style, accommodation and technology. With this being the case, we’re proud to introduce to you the most recent addition to our fleet; the very latest Roller Team Pegaso 740, all new for 2018. An A-Class motorhome which is as beautifully laid out inside as the sleek exterior suggests. If you’re used to renting a motorhome, you’ll be impressed. If you normally just hire a campervan, you’ll be blown away!


The Roller Team Pegaso 740 – Ultra Luxury Motorhome

The Pegaso 740 is an Italian built ultra-luxury ‘A-Class’ motorhome with four berths. There’s an island bed to the rear making the Pegaso 740 feel more like a luxury hotel suite than a motorhome. The other two berths are provided by means of a drop-down double bed cleverly housed above the cab, with stylish integrated curtains.

The kitchen area is beautifully presented as well as being cleverly laid out. Of course, we provide a generous selection of utensils so you can get your campsite cooking off to a flying start without raiding your own kitchen. The overall feel of opulence is mirrored in the bathroom, which while being compact, might leave you wishing you had fixtures like these in your house!

There are a whole host of other luxury features encompassing all the conveniences you’d expect from a modern luxury motorhome, you might be surprised, however, at the just the level of luxury on offer.


Driving the Pegaso 740

Built on the highly regarded Fiat Ducato chassis, the Pegaso 740 has all the torque you need from the powerful, yet highly efficient 2.3 litre powerplant reliable enough to be a feature of far more commercial vehicles. The handling of the Pegaso 740, for such a large vehicle is simplicity itself thanks to the tried and trusted underpinnings. The cab of the Pegaso 740 is a thoroughly pleasant place to be. There’s every driver convenience to make the task of driving a joy rather than a chore and for peace of mind, there’s a reversing camera linked to a screen in the console to make precision parking a breeze.

With driver and passenger sitting comfortably in luxurious ‘Captains chair’ style seating affording a commanding driving position and panoramic glass, both can enjoy an unrivalled view of the open road. The seats themselves swivel round when parked to form part of the generous lounge area behind.


Be one of the first to hire the Pegaso 740

There’s always a lot of interest when we add a brand new motorhome to our fleet and the Pegaso 740 is highly unlikely to be an exception. If you’d like to be one of the first to hire this spectacular new motorhome, get in touch without delay to arrange to view, make your booking and become the envy of your fellow travellers.