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We have been notified by a few of our motorhome clients that they have been receiving emails from a Priory Rentals email address asking for payment, these have been phishing scams so we want to update you to make sure you are safe and protected.

What Is Phishing?

Whilst you may want to take our Motorhomes on a Fishing Trip, neither you or the team at Priory Rentals want to have anything to do with Phishing. Phishing is the name for the activity whereby scammers will try to trick you into handing over money, this is often done in a Phishing email where there is an attachment and the email asks you to make payment, usually with some urgency.

Sometimes they will ask you to directly make a payment, other times they will ask for account details. They can be very clever about the way they email and can email from an email address of the company or a similar email.

Phishing Email sent to our customers

It has come to our attention that a few customers have been sent an email from an email that looks like Priory Rentals has sent it, but it has someone else’s name before the prioryrentals.com suffix.

The email has requested ‘Instant Payment’ and is personalised to the recipient;

‘X’ please make an urgent payment to attached bank coordinates, and code it to “misc. expenses”.

An email reply would be fine.

This is not from Priory Rentals and if you have received this email please do not make any payments to this person.

Keeping Priory Rentals customers safe

Phishing… Don’t Get Caught!

At Priory Rentals we want you to be safe from any kind of scams, so we wanted to pass on some tips to keep you safe from a phishing scam.

  • If you have received an email from a member of staff asking for payment that seems unusual, please call and check, most of our payment emails come from the company email address, not an individual person.
  • We always ask you to put your booking reference as payment reference, not ‘misc expenses’ this is to track your payments but is also unique to you, phishing scams are usually part of a bulk email scam so will pick a reference that is generic.
  • Keep virus and spam software up to date, if you have received an email from one of our email addresses and it has been flagged as spam do not click on any links or open any attachments just let us know by calling or forwarding the email with a note to say you didn’t trust it and we will confirm if this is from us.
  • Never send over sensitive information on email such as the long number on your debit or credit card, we would never ask you to do this so please be aware if any email does ask for it.


If you do have any concerns over an email you have received and believe it to be a phishing scan then please call and let us know and we can confirm.