Priory Rentals - Driving in Scotland NC500

Since the Scottish NC500 opened 2 months ago, it has already been voted one of the best coastal road trip routes in the world for history, food and culture. This in turn means that we simply had to bring it to your attention for your next motorhome holiday on the 500 miles route. NC500 is located on the Northern coastline of Scotland giving it a more Nordic appeal than other locations and road trips.

Day One

The route starts your journey in Inverness, the capital of the highlands. Inverness its self is home to many churches, castles and even lively culture and history having been home to two battles with Norway and a wide range of famous bagpipe players.

Once you have explored Inverness to its full, you will be on the open road westbound via Garve and the Achnasheen Valley before coming to the east coast of the country. Here you will bypass the Loch Kishorn Estuary and head to Applecross. The road to Applecross is comprised of rolling Scottish hills and small Scottish villages. However, once you reach Applecross this all changes as you are given open roads and beautiful coastal views.

Applecross its self is a small village located on the East coast of Scotland adjacent to the Inner-Hebrides. The village its self is a very small picturesque location with a population of only around 550 people. The village is so remote and rural that there is actually the UK’s first unmanned petrol station. Simply because the nearest other petrol station would be 36 miles away and there is not enough population in the surrounding areas to be able to take work at the petrol station.

Perfect, if you like to be able to escape everything and relax.

From Applecross is a short drive north to your next location along the coast, if the weather’s clear you might even be able to look out over the water and the Inner-Hebrides on your journey before reaching Loch Torridon. When you reach the Loch, you will begin to see the smaller fishing platforms out on the loch it is self-followed by a few very small hamlets dotted around the edge of the loch.

You could either stay here for the night in the local motorhome park or you could persevere along your journey a little longer and make camp at Loch Maree which is a beautiful loch situated in a small valley on the Loch Ewe Estuary. Loch Maree its self doesn’t have any motorhome sites that show on the NC500 website, however there is still a few motorhome friendly campsites available here that look out over the lake and its small fortified islands.

Day Two

The route then heads north to Durness on the North coast of Scotland, the route its self is a mixture of beautiful open coastal road and smaller narrow country lanes cutting through the highland peaks. On these roads, you will begin to see things such as deer, rabbits and highland cows roaming the roads so make sure to take it slow as not to hit the fluffy monster like cows on your journey.

Once in Durness, there is a motorhome campsite to be able to pitch your motorhome and relax through the night. The campsite its self is a coastal-based site, which means that you will be able to relax looking out over the ocean and the blue unpolluted seas that North Scotland seems to have all year round.

Day Three

In the morning it will be your third day on the route and time to be able to take in the north coast in all of its glory, you will be following the route to Thurso, which is the main ferry crossing to the Shetland isles. This in turn means that you will be heading out of rural Scotland and back into civilization for the night. Along your route, you will see many amazing rock formations, blue seas and even monuments and castles that were dedicated to the war against the Norwegian Barbarians in the medieval era. Once you reach Thurso, there are lots of places to be able to pitch your motorhome as with it being a ferry crossing it is very popular with motorhome tourists.

Day Four

The following morning brings you to the very end of your journey and the final stretch back to Inverness. This last piece of road has been classed one of the most scenic and beautiful roads to behold in the UK and for that reason are truly amazing to drive upon. It will take you south from John O’Groats along the low-lying coast to be able to truly feel the might of the Scottish cliffs and mountains as your pass below them. Whilst at the same time you will have the Nordic North Sea to your left giving you amazing views across the fishing routes of Northern Scotland.

Once you reach, Inverness the route would have ended, however, the trip may not have; you could choose to return home after the four days on the NC500 or take to the mountains and make your own journey finding aesthetic beauty in the highlands in your own time.

If the NC500 interests you, then why not browse through our motorhome range and visit the route for your next motorhome getaway?