Don't leave me behind, visit Priory Rentals and take me along

Taking your family away needn’t involve a separate stay for your fur-babies. With a pet-friendly motorhome from Priory Rentals, you can all travel together.

You’ve spent all year looking forward to your break, the whole family is packed up and itching to escape those familiar four walls. Suitcases are stuffed, the house has been put in order and excitement is peaking as you all imagine the excursion ahead, quality time spent together and the making of memories.

Perhaps you’ll linger a little after you’ve handed the lead over, feel a pang of guilt while he’s led away, his big sad eyes regarding you longingly.

You’ve no doubt picked the best place you could find, you’ve brought all his favourite toys and treats, you know he’ll be treated like a King, but in that moment of parting, it feels like a part of you is being left with him. What if there was another way?

Our favourite furries are innately aware of the sheer joy of life, a lesson they teach us every day just by living every moment to its fullest. It makes sense that they’re the best qualified to show us how to extract the most pleasure from each precious day of our holiday.

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This being the case, they should definitely come along for the ride. So we say take them with you.

Here at Priory Rentals, we understand that our dogs are just important as the rest of the family (even more so if someone’s forgotten an anniversary…. again), so we provide a range of pet-friendly motorhome options to make sure man’s best friend gets a holiday too.

All your dog wants is to spend time with his humans (and maybe a taste of whatever it is you’re eating right now). At a time when all his humans are gathered together, all day and for days on end, imagine how ecstatically happy he’ll be if you bring him along and how willingly he’ll share that joy.