Equestrian events – Don’t be cramped in horsebox

Horse shows are stressful enough. At Priory, we have a soft spot for anything on four legs. Besides, some of us are horse owners ourselves. We’re therefore well aware that equestrians have a habit of putting their horse’s needs well before their own (we’ve all been there). With this being the case, we’re happy to be able to help you out and give you an extra option come show season. No matter what the result at the event, we’ll make sure you won’t come second when it comes to accommodation.


The Big Horse show

You’ve worked hard, taking the local shows by storm and are now qualified for your biggest horse event of the year. It’s too far to travel without an overnight stay though. Naturally, your precious steed has already been booked into the finest onsite stabling at the showground, but what about you?


Everything’s booked up!

The local accommodation is already booked solid and you’re not keen on staying too far away – leaving your horse in an unfamiliar stable. After all, you want to be able to nip over to check on him, get in some pre-show preparation, muck out and throw in his feed. Staying too far away would make that pretty difficult.

If this sounds like a familiar story, perhaps Priory can come to your rescue and help your tale be an even happier one.


The Solution

If you already have a trailer you use for your local shows, why not hire a motorhome from Priory and use that as your tow vehicle? You could, of course, hire horsebox with ‘live-in’ from a specialist hirer. That is, assuming they have one still available during show season and that your licence allows you to drive one. However, with much of the space, even in a 7.5-ton box, given over to horse transport the accommodation offered for humans is generally basic and a little cramped. Surely you deserve better than a compromise?


Why a motorhome makes sense

When you consider that a motorhome from Priory can tow a trailer and contains the finest, most modern creature comforts, why would you hire an ageing converted lorry or van? You could travel in up-to-the-moment luxury for less! Don’t forget, we’re used to all year round demand, so we’re also less likely to let you down by being all booked up when you need us.

  • Your horse travels in the trailer he’s used to
  • You spend less money than you otherwise would
  • You get to stay close to your horse
  • You get a good night’s sleep and awake refreshed
  • No queue for the on-site shower – you have your own
  • You’ll be less stressed, allowing for a calmer competition
  • You’ll surely be the envy of the event
  • We’re less likely to be fully booked at showtime



You’ve chosen the best for your horse, now choose the best for yourself. Book a luxury motorhome from Priory, arrive in style and rake in those rosettes!